Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Very Cram Fitness Garden Shoes Offers You the Freshest Summer

Summer is always full of fragrant and sweet air that makes you never inhales enough. Likely, your toes may want to smell the fresh summer air, too. So choosing a pair of perfectly airy shoes may serve your feet best. Here we present you the shoes who know best about breathing – the Very Cram fitness garden Shoes. 

This pair of garden shoes is from one of the most chic French brands – Very Cram, whose commitment to low carbon fashion creates the series of health-keeping airy massage slippers. And like its slippers, this pair of garden shoes is both perfectly airy and helps reduce waist ache or bone pressure. In traditional Chinese medicine, foot health and treatment is extremely important. And the modern medicine also agrees that foot is human’s “second heart” closely related to human health. 

It is statistically proven that walking is the most effective exercise. So this year Very Cram restarts to promote the “walking to keep fitness” program and thus making this model sweeping the whole world in this summer and become a favorite of women. Whether you are outdoors or indoors, whether you are at work or at leisure, you can wear them to keep health and fitness anytime.

The design concept of fitness shoes is to improve life through changing the way of walking. Its soft and unique wedge and sole design are in accordance with dynamics. Wearing them on makes you feel like walking on the sand. With this pair of comfortable fitness shoes on, you will feel your heels sink onto the ground while walking. And when center of gravity focuses on the middle part of the shoes, your foot will naturally move forward, making it easier to have your foot lifted away from the ground with just your toes. This process will exercise your muscle of your back, leg, hip and stomach, reducing your fat accumulation to create the perfect figure.

Here we recommend you an exercise you can do with the shoes on to lose weight and keep fitness. First, balance your body to try to put your weight on your heels and keep that posture for five seconds then back to your original position and stretch your legs. Repeat the step for 5 to 10 times. Second, move forward and backward with your two feet apart to balance yourself for the same 5 to 10 times. Third, repeat the last step but do it with your two feet interactively for 5 to 6 times. Last, put your hands on the wall and keep them parallel and a little above your head while put your one foot before the other, then press your hands against the wall and try your best to straighten your leg behind with the leg before stepping on the ground, and then bend your leg before and move your hip towards the wall. Keeping this posture for 5 seconds and do it with the other leg. Repeat this for 5 to 6 times.

With this pair of shoes on, you will be a chic and fit lady this summer!

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