Saturday, August 13, 2011

Raise a Pink Piggy in Your Flats

For most girls, pink is always the color they cannot say no to. For most girls, a cute piggy image will always make them go ooh and ahh with its adorably endearing and preposterously idiotic look. What if you can raise a pink piggy inside of your shoes? With every step you take, you can hear the cute oink all the way along. Here is a model of shoes that will grant you the wish of raising a pink little piggy in your shoes, of course by the means of a little imagination which I bet you have if you want to try this model of flat shoes resembling piggy foot on.

Designed based on a classic look of oxford shoes, which are among the most famous kinds of flat shoes in the whole world, this pair of adorable flats in the shape of little piggy’s feet offer people a cute and elegant look that is brought by the combination of the endearing figure of piggy foot and the classic look of a pair of oxford shoes. Incorporating the colors of rosy pink and light pink, coupled with the sleek luster of the quality PU leather, the flat shoes look extremely sweet in a very girlish way. The differentiation between the two great colors in the same series of pink delivers a highly harmonious image in a very compatible way by contrast the two pink colors with each other. This color contrast of the same series offers an effect of stitching leather, which is currently very popular and one of the all-time classic designs. 

In particular, this model of adorable flats has made a split cut delicately on the toe part of the shoes in accordance with the image of the cute little piggy foot, making sure every detail of the shoes can be reminded of the adorable piggy as its original design intends to. The other highlight of this cute and chic flats is the shoelaces, instead of using the standard cotton strings as the material for making the shoe laces, this model chooses the same PU leather used for designing the shoe body to create the shiny shoelaces that are as sleek as the shoe body. 

The whole image of this pair of pink flats is so cute in a both sweet and hilarious style that will definitely improve your mood considerably.

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