Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Adidas Originals JS Panda Bear

Adidas Originals and the fashion genius Jeremy Scott have planned on launching a series of shoes in completely fun style based on their cross-over collaboration included in the 2011 autumn and winter series, and thus the most classic Adidas Originals by Jeremy Scott Men’s and women’s series abundant in all kinds of models are presented to the world.

Your must-have item for this season goes to its newest JS Panda Bear, which is a revamped version of JS Bear. In 2011 spring and summer, Jeremy added an adorable teddy bear on the metro attitude Hi series and thus marked a magical moment in the history of sports shoes. Since then, many cute dolls have been added to enrich and expand the series. And this time, Jeremy Scott set his eyes on the endearing Chinese giant panda, which has been widely known by people around the world. In addition to its cute white and black figure, Jeremy Scott has those panda stretch their tiny arms as if being waiting around to be held. Their cuddly look coupled with the very touching gesture can actually make people cannot help but take them home and give them a big hug they have been expecting. Beside, Jeremy Scott also provides a head band for the bigger type with Adidas logo on it and the extra head band makes it more like the character in the widely familiar movie Kungfu panda. With just a head band, the tiny doll seems to turn into some Kungfu master who is stretching its hands to do a karate chop instead of reaching out in expectation of a warm hug. 

His new shoes, Adidas Originals JS Panda Bear series are still inspired from this, only with the change of the main character into China's most famous bamboo eating animals – the pandas. Panda patterns also appear next to Jeremy Scott’s graffiti on the shirts and are deeply loved by Jeremy’s fans. With the panda’s increased popularity on the international market influenced by a lot of movies, especially the Hollywood blockbuster Kungfu Panda, the panda pattern has been well welcomed by people around the whole world.

JS PANDA BEAR will be expected to be released on August 1, 2011 at a market price of RMB1680. While JS PANDA BEAR Graphic Tee will be released on August 1, 2011 at a market price of RMB680.

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