Monday, August 15, 2011

Patent Leather Platform Wedges with Cute IPhone Bunny

With IPhone sweeping the world market in an unstoppable way, the cute bunny case for IPhone has become extremely popular not only as accessories for IPhone itself but also the fabulous decorations for other fashion items such as dresses, pants, blouses, jeans and even shoes. Here we present a successful model using the removable bunny case on a pair of chic patent leather platform wedges.

This pair of waterproof platform wedges is designed in shiny and sleek patent leather made of PU at the top quality as the manufacturing material, coupled with the bright colors, delivering to people an extremely eye-catching style that easily makes you the center of attention even in a big crowd of people. This model of platform wedges incorporates waterproof platform of 4 cm with wedge heels of 7 cm in order to create a perfect combination of both walking comfort and taller effect. Plus, the round pointed toe design on the waterproof platform soles is endearingly adorable in the sleek luster of the patent leather. 

This model comes with two types of candy colors for you to choose. One is black for the insteps with a peach pink line on the platform and the other is apricot for the insteps with a black line on the platform. These bright colors matched with the sleek luster of the patent leather material create a great color contrast for each of the type. In addition, the original color of wood for the platform soles adds a tinge of natural and rustic vibe to the whole sweet and cute look. 

The greatest feature of this model of platform wedge shoes lie in the extremely cute bunny case originally designed for IPhone. These bunny cases are in the same color in both types with the line on the platform soles. With two ear-like pieces of leather adding to the square case, these bunnies look so adorable coupled with the whole cute and sweet image of the shoes. 

And the most convenient thing about those bunny cases are that they are actually attached to this pair of waterproof platform wedge shoes by tiny metal clips set on their back. In this way, these bunny cases can be easily removed and be attached again to some other fashion items like clothes or bags at your demand to become a go-with-all accessory.

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