Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Most Adorable Wooden Clogs Ever with Animal Footprints Design

For many girls, taking a walk down on the beach may be the most comfortable thing in summer. Walking at leisure along the seaside, girls can enjoy the refreshing feeling brought by the cool sea air while looking back at the footprints they have left on the sand, the whole experience is totally fun for girls. Now you can make it more fun with a pair of the most adorable wooden clogs in the whole world, which allows you to left cute shapes of lovely animal footprints other than the dull ordinary shoe prints on the beach. 

Looking from the upper side, you may think this model of wooden clogs is just ordinary wooden clogs in cuter looks and sweeter candy colors. But you will be definitely wowed by turning this model over – the most adorable design of animal footprint shapes are carved out on the soles of the clogs, making sure every footprint you make on the beach will attract a large crowd of people with their cutest looks. 

As all wooden clogs made in Japan, this pair of wooden clogs featured with cute design is inherited with the great quality of traditional Japanese wooden clogs, making sure that you will feel completely comfortable in these wooden clogs. Plus, the premium wooden material this model uses will benefit a lot to the health of people who wear it. 

This model is available in five colors of pink, orange, black, green and yellow. They are all bright and sweet candy colors that will for sure brighten your day by improving your mood substantially. And for different colors, different shapes of animal footprint are carved out under the soles. Therefore each color represents a unique animal with whose footprints you can leave on the beach. 

The pink one is carved with the footprints of a cat. The orange one is carved with the footprints of a monkey. The black one is carved with the footprints of a gecko. The green one is carved with the footprints of a dinosaur. The yellow one is carved with the footprints of an owl. 

Though originally designed specially for kids, this cutest model of wooden clogs with animal footprints has been extremely popular among Japanese young girls since its launch and soon has sweeping the Asia market and even the European market with its adorable look that no girl can ever resist.

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