Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Have Comfort under Your Control with Elastic Strap Leather Wedge Sandals

As girls, we have been taught that fashion knows nothing about comfort since we were little. But deep down in the bottom of our hearts, we still genuinely believe in finding a pair of shoes that are as fashionable as comfortable. And now we have found this perfect model that combines fashion with comfort in this pair of elastic strap leather wedge sandals. With its unique design of chic elastic crossed straps, we can take the comfort under our own control while looking fabulously stylish.

This pair of elastic strap leather wedge sandals is designed using the imported top-quality leather to ensure the softness and comfort of the shoes. The biggest highlight of this model lies in its super elastic crossed straps, which is made of high-quality TPU as its material and additional agent to improve its elasticity. This elastic strap will fit 99 percent of foot types, allowing those who wear it take full control over comfort to adjust best to their own comfort level. And the crossed design of the straps provides people with an elegant and simple look. Plus, a 3mm elastic thick insole is offered to make sure you can walk as comfortably as if on the clouds. Besides, the slight 3cm height in its wedge heels make a firm triangle that will support your effortless walking easily. This model is sophisticatedly made with attention paid to every detail even under the soles. Its butterfly patterns under its soles coupled with the skid proof rubber soles ensure you of a highly resistant soles that will last for a considerably long time while guarantee you a safer walking. 

This model is available in three colors of white, black and orange. White is most popular color for this pair of elastic strap leather wedge sandals because the white color looks so elegant and stylish coupled with the whole design, striking people with an impression of minimalist simplicity in pure perfection. But of course, the other two colors are also great and these three colors are super easy to match clothes, sparing you much time or worries on that side.

If you are tired of being tortured by those fashionable shoes that know nothing about comfort or if you are ashamed of your lame but comfy shoes, you now are offered with an alternative option of this perfect model to enjoy both fashion and comfort at the same time.

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