Friday, August 19, 2011

Eye-Catching Fringe Shoes – the Favorite Retro Type of Shoes for Girls

Fringe has always been in style in the fashion industry, whether in dresses, blouses, gowns, skirts, jeans, handbags or womens shoes. Their eye-catching style and the flowing look make them always chic in the ever changing trend. The free spirit hidden behind the fringe design makes it a stylish element that goes with everything perfectly and that is the main reason which makes the fringe design never out of fashion. If you are a girl who love s retro style, then the fringe design may be your favorite because of its vintage look and nostalgic vibe it brings. Here we have prepared several models of beautiful shoes designed with fringe as decorations for you to pick out your favorite one.

This pair of flat sandals in bright red can make you easily stand out even among a big crowd. This model of sandals uses the fringe to act as the decoration on the ankle straps. Set firmly with some natural stones, the fringe loose down in a casual way, making this model a perfect choice for a short leisure trip outside on the sunny days. 

This model of white leather flats in a ballerina style attaches the fringe on the instep of the shoe toe, coupled with the cute bow-shaped shoelace, delivering cute and quiet look in a girl-next-door style. The little white fringe may remind you of the white pure feather of tiny wings and thus making the whole shoes look more adorable. This model of flats can fit all kinds of occasions, including hectic working days, leisure afternoon at home, short trip in the wild and sweet date on weekends, showing the cute and sweet side of you perfectly. 

This model of black boots uses the fringe design on the side of the boots in order to create a light feeling by having the fringe flying while you are walking, neutralizing the otherwise too heavy look of these womens boots. With the chic design of shoe laces and the light fringe hanging down in a free way on the sides of the boots, this whole pair looks very unique in its own style. 

This pair of Oxford styled leather shoes uses fringe as a cute little decoration on the insteps, which can move around freely while you take your steps in this pair of shoes, delivering a ladylike gentle look of yours in total feminine grace.

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