Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Sweet Flip-Flops that Will Accompany You through Summer to Autumn

Flip-flops that go with all kinds of clothes – whether cute and sweet dresses or hot and tight shorts have been listed among the most popular types of cheap shoes in the whole summer and even still will be welcomed in the early autumn which is still warm. Flip-flops decorated with diamonds or other precious stones are the hottest kind of flip-flops in the summer with its exotic style that can go perfectly along with almost anything. The other most popular types of flip-flops include the flip-flops added with traditionally sweet elements such as flip-flops with bows that go best with sweet skirts. The woven bottomed flip-flops are also well received this summer with their unique styles. Let’s check out some more models of comfortable and go-with-all flip-flops that will accompany you through summer to autumn now.

This model of flip-flops uses the most fashionable elements of this summer – the precious stone in totally exotic style. This kind of round and large precious stone from abroad is generally considered by many people that they have the power to make your wishes come true. Whether this kind of legend is real or not, girls tend to be attracted by mysterious things, especially when these mysterious things can be worn by you everywhere you go. This model of flip-flops fit perfectly with this advantage and its cute look makes sure that you can wear whether a dress or a pair of pants with it with no worries on matching problems. 

This model of flip-flops uses the colorful beads that arranged into certain patterns as decoration. These little colorful beads are also designed to bring an exotic look and their adorable style brightens the whole flip-flops. Whether you wear this pair of flip-flops with a light chiffon dress or a pair of jeans or simply a jump suit, it will never fail to match in a chic style. Besides, you can choose some nail polish in the same bright colors to echo with the bead colors, which will brighten the whole tone of the flip-flops to a greater level and helps improve people’s mood for both yourself and people around you. 

The model of flip-flops is not designed in the usual flat style but in a wedge style, which can substantially make you look taller while retaining the comfort of a pair of flats. The gold buckle on straps in this model is totally chic in a slightly extravagant way that fit both summer and autumn.

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