Friday, August 19, 2011

Be a Sexy and Cute Lady with Charlotte Olympia Kitty Shoes

For all women, the perfect images they want to present to their loved ones are perhaps the perfect combination of girlish cuteness and mature lady’s sexiness. Now Charlotte Olympia can grant you the wish by its newly launched Charlotte Olympia Kitty Shoes out of the 2011 autumn and winter series.

This series of Kitty womens shoes from Charlotte Olympia 2011 Autumn and Winter is as sexy as cute in every detail. Embroidered with an extremely adorable kitty head on the toe, plus the pointed cute kitty ears attached to the shoe body, the whole shoes wrapped with soft and warm velvet deliver a fairy tale vibe that is as sweet as little smiling kitty on the shoes. This pair of womens shoes not only carries along the sweetest dream of a young girl but also gives you the elegance belonging to a mature lady. Whether you are still a teenage girl like a cute kitty dreaming your fairy tale world or a mature woman who is charmingly sexy as a cat lady, you cannot resist this ultimate temptation of the perfect combination of sexiness and adorability. 

This series of kitty shoes offers three different models for you to pick out your favorite one. The black type is all mysterious in an irresistibly sexy way. The classic color combination of black and gold strikes people with an extremely gorgeous impression that is both enigmatic and extravagant. In order to make the contrast more impressive, this pair of womens shoes chooses metallic gold to match the black velvet. The strong contrast of cold and warm as well as hard and soft makes this model of womens shoes stand out easily even among a big crowd, helping you attract the mosr attention. 

The red model out of this series of kitty shoes has a strong Latino style in its bold look integrating red velvet and black line, which is used as the sole line as well as the line delineating the kitty head on the toe. This model uses another classic color combination of black and red, showing your passionate side to people.

 The leopard patterned model from this series delivers the wild side of you and will turn this obedient little kitty into a bodacious feline animal that seems to strike out at any moment, bringing out the independent and confident you out.

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