Saturday, August 13, 2011

Live a More Natural Life with Leave and Flower Slippers

With the awareness of environmental protection being raised among the public and the advocating of a low-carbon lifestyle, today’s people intend to live their life in a more natural way that goes with the nature rather than against the nature. And fashion is no exception; many fashion items such as dresses, overcoats and evening gowns are designed with beautiful elements inspired from the great nature, and you can see the natural elements in many fashion accessories such as handbags and shoes as well. These natural designs, especially the uses of leaves and flowers in decoration have been extremely popular in today’s hottest trend. And even simple cute slippers are designed with them to create an endearing look in a completely natural way. Now we present this quite popular model of slippers that is perfectly compatible in a most harmonious way with the Mother Nature.

This pair of leave and flower slippers is designed using the quality rubber, which is the most used standard material for making slippers. The slippers are created on the basis of a typical model of flip-flops incorporating beautifully graceful elements of the nature. The soles of this pair of slippers are in the shape of a blade of leaf made so delicately that you can see clearly the crisscrossed leaf veins on them. To match with the leaf-shaped soles, the designer chooses a large multi-layered flower set on each of the V-shaped straps of the flip-flops designed in respectively light orange and white stripes as well as green and white stripes.

The whole look of this pair of womens slippers incorporating both flowers and leaves in a completely natural style seem refreshing and fit best in summer. If you take a closer look at this model of womens slippers, you will be surprised by its delicate manufacturing skills in making every detail perfect by offering you the lifelike edge of leaves in the line of the soles and you can see clearly the leaf veins carefully arranged into shape even on the straps of the flip-flops. 

This model of womens slippers is provided in two colors, one is light orange and the other is green. While the green one may remind you of commonly seen leaves, the other one will also remind you of maple leaves that are as beautiful as the common green leaves in the same natural style.

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