Thursday, August 11, 2011

Marni 2011 Special Series for Autumn and Winter

Though listed under the special series for autumn and winter, this series from Marni is fit best for the season between hot summer and cool autumn. The models in the series are various in their colors, styles and materials. Out of them, you definitely will find one pair that you would like to cherish.

This series varies in different colors, including single pure colors such as pure red, pea green, forest green, dark green and yellow as well as the nude colors such as light tan and pink. In addition, you can also find some models in even earthy colors such as brown and dark coffee. The series continues incorporating some of the popular elements in this spring and summer including color contrast and color combination in order to bring the high spirit and energy of spring and summer to the next season.

The models of this special series consist of different kinds of styles including the stylish types of both wooden thick high heels and wooden waterproof platform high heels. All the models are designed in magnificent figures while being perfectly practical backed by some of the ingenious designs in order to upgrade the comfort level and deliver you a retro-style that is completely elegant.

As for the material Marni chooses in manufacturing this series, they are selected with more attention paid to their quality as well as their function. For example, Marni uses light patent leather to improve the color to be glossier, chooses sheepskin from Napa to enhance the quality to their fullest, utilizes velour to upgrade both the comfort level and practical function of the shoes.

In addition to all of these chic elements mentioned above, Marni also uses bow and T-shaped thin belt in order to increase the taste in details and makes its womens shoes of this series more fashionable by matching them with stockings or just baring out your legs so as to deliver various effects. These designs will help revive the old fashion that has been popular around the 70s and therefore perfect it to be more elegant and exquisite.

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