Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Sexy Red Peep-Toe High Heels in the Perfect Combination of Romance and Extravagance

Bright red and glossy gold is perhaps the best color combination in order to create a feeling that most girls desire in perfect balance with romance and extravagance. For any girl, this combination is highly alluring with extreme temptation that there is hardly a girl who can resist. And now Dior has offered us a pair of peep-toe high heels that carries along this kind of irresistible trait. Guess how long can you hold on before taking out your credit card and take this collectible pair of extremely sexy red peep-toe high heels home?

This model of sexy red peep-toe high heels is designed incorporating most of the currently popular elements such as the chic peep toe design, black lace coverage as well as the combination of high heels and the platform soles. The stylish peep toe not only grants a more chic look to this pair of high heels but make your toes more comfortable in a freer way. And the bonus the peep-toe design brings is that you can choose colorful nail polish in your demand to brighten the whole look of your high heels or match with the dresses you put on. The black lace coverage wrapped over the gold soles and high heels create a see-through visual effect that will make the whole look of the high heels sexier. The combination of slim high high heels and thick platform soles make sure that you can walk in complete comfort and security while looking taller and slender, which boasts the double advantages from both a pair of high heels and a pair of platform flats

The gorgeous color combination of fiery bright red and glossy metallic gold presents an amazing visual effect that contains a wonderful contrast between warmness and coldness, bringing out the gentle and soft feminine side of you as well as the independent and bold side of you at the same time. 

What’s more, this kind of glamorous color combination is not only just appealing in look and easy to catch attention but also is highly practical and functional especially in matching with clothes. You can whether choose an elegant evening gown or just a simple pair of casual leisure jeans to go with the red and gold peep-toe high heels. They will just all matches in perfect compatibility, delivering you in gorgeous style that is both romantic and extravagant.

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