Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Rock Your Night Life with Ankle Strap Waterproof Platform High Heels in Chic European Style

Have you been troubled with the problem of choosing a pair of suitable womens shoes for going to clubs in the night? It is always a tricky problem in picking out the perfect womens shoes that will not make us so easily trip over while dancing and keep us in total style. Now you may finally find a pair of womens shoes that will rock your night life in complete safety as well as glamorous style with this pair of ankle strap waterproof platform high heels in chic European style.

Made in the fine PU leather at the top quality, this model of ankle strap waterproof platform high heels is designed to grant the womens shoes a sleek and shiny luster that is glamorous in every way. The leather will show its best glitz and glamour coupled with bright candy colors, which will not only catch a lot of attention in the dark light but also brighten up the mood of people around you. 

Designed with 12-inch high heels and 4-inch high waterproof platforms, this pair of ankle strap high heels is the currently most popular type that combines the height of high heels and comfort as well as stability of platform womens shoes, making you walk firmly while making you look taller with seemingly more slender legs. In addition, the design of thick high heels in this model strengthen the firm grasp of the womens shoes more to a greater level that will secure in perfect balance even for tap dancing. Plus, the thin leather ankle strap can be regarded as a great highlight of the whole model in its great function of making your ankles and legs look slimmer and thus sexier. 

This model of ankle strap waterproof platform high heels is designed in an elegant European style, which makes the womens shoes look both cute and graceful. This model is available in five distinctive candy colors. The bright lemon yellow is perfectly funky, striking people with an impression of you in a naughty and perky spirit. The bright blue is totally eye-catching in its refreshing style that definitely will brighten the night. The pink one is both sweet and cute in a totally girlish way that will increases your feminine charm substantially. And the classic black model will bring your enigmatic side out completely. The white model is so elegant and graceful that will make you stand out instantly on the dancing floor. 

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