Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Korean-Style Bow Print Thick-Bottomed Slippers

Though we are almost half way through summer, it is never too late to find ourselves a pair of best summer slippers that will totally free our feet as well as make us look completely stylishly chic in our own way for this summer. Summer itself is troublesome enough with its scorching sun, hot heat and sudden shower, why should we make it more tiresome by restraining our foot into uncomfortable high heels? Liberate your feet now with our recommendation of this model of Korean-style bow print thick-bottomed slippers and begin to really enjoy the free summer air.

This pair of Korean-style bow print thick-bottomed slippers is a perfect representative of mix and match. Designed in an absolutely sweet look in the aid of the big silk bow decorated with shiny diamond that looks both sleek and chic on the surface of the sandals, it is indeed quiet cute in its adorable Korean style. But the bottoms of the sandals strike a contrast with the leopard pattern. Though in black and white color combination, the wild look is not that obvious, it still differentiates greatly from the sweet look over the instep. This half sweet half wild look offers a great refreshing style that mixes and matches the sweetness with the slight wildness in a perfectly compatible way.

This model of Korean-style bow print thick-bottomed slippers provides two colors for you to choose – one is the sky blue and the other is the grass green. Both color are bight and prove to be effective in helping improve people’s mood, especially in the hot summer days. These two totally natural colors seem to offer a fresh breeze that will relieve the heat troubles from them. And plus the leopard design in white and black, they can offer a calming effects on people who are wearing the sandals. Plus, the thick-bottomed design and its rippled sole design can contribute together to making an easier and effortless walking.

This model of Korean-style bow print thick-bottomed slippers in sky blue or grass green is highly compatible with any clothes you may choose to match with. And whether you are still a student going to school or an office lady working for a company, this model won’t make the wrong choice for you with its chic style and reliable comfort. Now just come and try one model and you can match them with some bright-colored polish nail and thus brighten your summer days.

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