Monday, August 15, 2011

Lovely Ankle Strap High Heels in Japanese Style

Japanese fashion is renowned for its sweet and cute looks around the whole world, from the floral skirts, acamdeic-style suits and girly jeans to even the adroable shoes. Now we offer you a great example of a model of lovely ankle strap high heels in a totally Japanese sweet style that has been listed widely among the best-selling fashion items since its launch.

This pair of cute ankle strap high heels is designed in patent leather with the selected premium PU leather to guarantee its quality and wearability. The whole shoes weigh only 540g, which is extremely light for a pair of high heels with heels as high as 8cm. The greatest highlight of this adorable pair of high heels is the crossed ankle straps, which allow your ankle look more slender and in this way making you look even taller on the high heels. The color of light peach pink is a color among the most welcomed colors by girls and can be easily matched with clothes as well as make you skin color look better. This sweet candy color makes a great combination with the shiny metal buckle on the ankle straps, creating an eye-catching style of the whole shoes. Plus, the round toe design suggests best the gentle side of girls. In addition, the wooden heels in their original color add more down-to-earth feeling to the cute look, making a forthright look that is both sweetly cute and gracefully elegant. 

This model of ankle strap high heels fit any occasion in its go-with-all simple but elegant style. Whether you are going to school, walking to work, attending a party or going for a date, this pair of ankle strap high heels can always help you look better by simply being the cute and adorable itself. 

No matter what style you intend to go in, the model of this lovely crossed ankle strap high heels can fulfill all your demands. By matching with clothes in different styles, you can create your own great look that is totally compatible with each other because this pair of ankle strap high-heeled shoes simply goes with everything in a perfect way. Therefore, you can match them at demand without any worries of mismatching fashion faux pas and create your own unique style that is both sweet and confident as the pair of shoes itself.

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