Friday, August 19, 2011

AMII Flower Slippers in Gorgeous Spanish Style

Nature is abundant in all kinds of magical miracles and many of them happen in the beautiful summer with fragrant air flowing around in the summer breeze such as the magical color changing of hydrangeas. This extremely adorable plant that will change colors in different stages of a day with gorgeous pink, blue and purple is indeed a natural wonder. Now you can wear this natural wonder on your shoes with this pair of flower slippers in gorgeous Spanish style from AMII. 

This pair of AMII flower slippers is designed based on a classic model of wide flip-flops in black. The simple and low-key black soles coupled with the silver logo, which brightens up the whole look of the slippers. And the specially designed wide shoe body offers an adorable look in a casual style. 

Of course, the most attractive part of the whole look of this pair of AMII flower slippers in Spanish style is the flower design inspired by the color-changing of gorgeous hydrangeas. Designed in order to show the best side of a girl’s most feminine temperament in a soft and gentle style, these flowers are attached to the straps with every detail paid much conscientious attention to. 

The multi-layered flowers cluster in a three-dimensional way, which strikes people with an impression of a lifelike image of real flowers. And the designer has made this pair of flower slippers extremely delicate with even creating green torus part attached to the straps firmly in a quiet and low-profile way. The extravagant color changing of hydrangeas is interpreted in a perfect way with the rich and abundant colors in a mixed style with enigmatic purple, adorable pink and gorgeously elegant blue as well as a tinge of green that belongs to the leaves under. The main color is the mysterious purple, which can deliver the sexiness and sweetness of a girl at the same time. 

In addition to the lifelike flower design, another exquisite design of this pair of flower slippers is the dazzling diamonds studded on the straps beside the flowers. The glitzy look of these diamonds remind people of fresh dew drops around real flowers, making the whole shoes resembling flowers in more lifelike way while easily catch people’s eyes with the bling-bling style of the design. 

Do you want to have a summer in gorgeous Spanish style? Come and grab this pair of flower slippers and you will definitely feel that everywhere you go turns into a most beautiful garden.

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