Thursday, August 4, 2011

Feel the Exotic Refreshing Air in This Hot Summer with Roman Woven Low-Heeled Sandals

In hot summer days, people are generally in demand of some exotic refreshing air which will not only relieve them of the heat trouble but also bring in new romantic feelings to improve their mood. Normally, you need a foreign handsome boy for this, but we can present you a pair of Roman woven low-heeled sandals that will also do in granting you all the wishes. 

This pair of Roman woven low-heeled sandals is designed to offer you the total exotic feeling delivered from every detail of the shoes. The woven rattan design coupled with the printing silk on which exotic patterns are painted, plus the wrapped design over the crossed straps all exude with the foreign vibe and offering you the summer relief you need. The rhinestones designed in exact exotic styles will make you feel as if you have stepped on a new land once you put the sandals on. The Roman style wedge shoes have been surviving every fashion period till today and will never be outmoded. In addition, the wooden wedge heels are more of a chic style and make walking more comfortable as well as more effortless. Plus, the low-heeled design will allow your feet enjoy the comfort and fun of walking more directly and ensure you of a more efficient and effective exercise of walking.

The simple and elegant design of this pair of Roman woven low-heeled sandals makes it can go with any clothes you plan to dress and fit perfectly under any circumstance you are about to attend. Whether you are an office lady or still a student, this pair of sandals will only increase your popularity at your company or on your campus. You can wear them on your way to school or company, a leisure walk for shopping, a trip to the suburb or simply a walk outside after dinner. 

This pair of Roman woven low-heeled sandals is available in two colors, one is Khaki color and the other is apricot color. The khaki color is more of an exotic vibe, which may remind people of the free spirit of Bohemian people and the mysterious land of the Far East. The apricot color maybe a little less exotic compared with the khaki color, but it grants the sandals a more elegant look.

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