Friday, August 26, 2011

Let Summer Blossoms into Flowers on Your Shoes

Summer is a fragrant season with a great variety of flowers blossoming in this season. Therefore, flower patterns, flower printings and multi-layered flower have all become the essential fashion elements in summer. In this year’s summer, as usual, flowers can be not only seen in the beautiful nature but also in the man-made gorgeous designs. In this summer, to take a trip outside with a pair of womens shoes decorated by flowers is one of the most wonderful experiences you can have easily. In this way, every step you take will turn the summer heat into cool and fresh air abundant in flower fragrance. Now we introduce you some best models with blossoms of flowers on your womens shoes.

This pair of patent leather high heels is simply gorgeous with the sleek color of bright red covering the whole shoe body while the two enigmatic black flowers perching on the toe silently. The patent leather is totally chic for summer with sun rays reflected on the womens shoes, creating an extremely eye-catching look that easily attracts attention. This classic color combination of red and black is both elegant and mysterious, showing the gentle side of woman as well as the sexy side of a woman at the same time. 

This light pink pair of flats is cute in every way with the elegant flower-liked bow on the tiny toe, delivering the romantic and gentle temperament of a little lady. And the diamond pattern on shoe body is chic in a low-key style. This model of flats can be your best choice as your date womens shoes, matched with a light-colored dress, offering the sweetest side of you for him. Whether you are a student or an office lady, this model of womens shoes will never disappoint you that date mission to be accomplished. 

This model of two-tone flats may be many office ladies’ favorite with its bright but not too eye-catching style in the aid of color combination of high-profile dark pink and low-key beige. The whole womens shoes are exquisitely designed into every detail that not only flower-styled bow can be seen over the chic peep toe design but also little cute bow prints can be found inside of the flats

This model of womens shoes is featured with sleek metal material to build the shoe body and sleek silk in creating the graceful bow on the toe. The shiny look of both metal and silk deliver a great contrast between hard and soft as well as cold and warm, making you cannot help but drawn by this pair of flats.

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