Thursday, August 11, 2011

Platform Thick-Heeled Sandals Help You Be both Comfortable and Chic Through This Summer

In this summer, wedge shoes are spotted everywhere with their perfect combination of comfortable walking experience and their function of making people who wear them look taller. For those girls tired of suffering brought by high heels, wedge shoes are a great exit strategy and their stylish designs in a variety of creations offer you a wide range of options of different models. Faced with this extremely large spectrum of wedge sandals, girls may easily get lost. Here we present you a great model of wedge sandals that will meet and even exceed all of your expectations of a pair of wedge shoes for summer.

This model of wedge sandals is absolutely chic in its look. Designed incorporating the PU leather at the excellent quality as the materials for the straps, this model of wedge sandals looks sleek in a gorgeous way and is highly resistant against long-time wearing. The highly individual design of gold rivets distributed on the edges of the straps brighten the whole image of the wedge sandals and make the entire look of them more stylishly chic. The combination of waterproof platforms and wedge heels is currently the most popular design in order to ensure people of both comfortable experience when walking and the effect of seeming taller. In this model, the wedge heels are as high as 7 cm, which can almost qualify as high heels but you will never feel the tiresome feeling brought by high heels in this pair of sandals because of the platform design, making sure that you can walk effortlessly on the ground as if wearing flats. In addition, the wedge heels are specially designed in square shape, which brings about a bit tinge of sexy wildness to the otherwise completely soft look in a very feminine way. 

Designed in a refreshingly green color, this model of wedge sandals looks stunningly elegant coupled with the luster of the top-quality PU leather. You can match this model with your favorite nail polish in bright colors to create a fabulous effect resulted from the color contrast, which is among the hottest fashion elements in this season. 

The simple but elegant design of this pair of strap wedge sandals in typical Roman style fit perfectly whether you are a school student or a commuting office lady, the dependable comfort and chic look of this model will meet every demand of yours.

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