Monday, August 1, 2011

Be the Cutest and Fittest You with the Newest MBT Hong Kong Candy Shoes

In this summer full of perky atmosphere flowing in the air, don’t you want to try a pair of cute shoes for a walk outside to enjoy the summer beauty? Here we present you the cutest shoes you can find in this summer.

This pair of candy shoes in design of star patterns coupled with bunny doll makes totally attract people’s attention and hit their softest spot deep down in their hearts. Besides, the current popular thick bottom paired with head fish design makes sure this pair is a classic chic model. This pair is from MBT Hong Kong, with the spokesperson of Hong Kong “IT GIRL” Hilary Tsui (Xu Haoying)’s recommendation, it’s sure the most fashionable type in this summer. 

This pair not only has the cutest look, but also is designed into every detail to make sure it’s the perfect choice for you. With the ribbed pattern on the soles, this pair of shoes is totally skid proof, ensuring you with great steadiness when walking. The thick bottom design make you feel comfortable and also help improve your health. As the other MBT shoes, this pair is also a health-keeping one. Featuring the typical trait of sole design of MBT, this pair help reduce the pressure on your knees. When starting walking, you can first stretch your legs to feel the ground while the shoes help you stimulate the muscles around your knees and make them feel less stressed. 

For office ladies, this pair can be your best choice when you have to sit all day at your office desk because it helps reduce the ache caused by long-time sitting. The best bonus this pair brings to girls is the fitness function. Like all MBT shoes, this pair makes you stand straighter, adding 10 percent of height compared with traditional shoes. And MBT shoes can help keep your figure building by creating the best hip and back line for you. Besides, wearing them can also exercise your muscles to burn more of your fat, helping you doing exercises and preventing you from obesity. In the meantime, the 4cm height of heels can make you look much taller.

Whether you are an office lady or a student, whether you want to lose weight or keep fit, whether you are shopping in the mall or practicing yoga at home, this pair always fit. So come to try them on and be the cutest and fittest you at the time.

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