Thursday, June 30, 2011

Hello all! Welcome to Shoe Stylin', the end all be all of women's shoe discussions

"End all be all" may be a bit strong, but we'll get there! Women's shoes can be all consuming. Even economists agree that the only recession proof industries are pet food and women's shoes. All things related to ladies' shoes are fair game - be it fashion, new styles, health-related, good bad ugly, you name it!

Who needs a bigger kitchen? A bigger shoe closet is more like it, right? Sometimes, I think it's too bad we only have two feet to showoff our latest high heels, stilettos and boots. Well, at least we've got changing seasons and fashion trends to justify an ever growing shoe collection - sandals, slippers, heels, flats, boots - they're all necessary and all relevant!

That's enough by way of introduction - I'm itching to start sharing the latest and greatest as it pertains to women's shoes.