Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Sweet Flip-Flops that Will Accompany You through Summer to Autumn

Flip-flops that go with all kinds of clothes – whether cute and sweet dresses or hot and tight shorts have been listed among the most popular types of cheap shoes in the whole summer and even still will be welcomed in the early autumn which is still warm. Flip-flops decorated with diamonds or other precious stones are the hottest kind of flip-flops in the summer with its exotic style that can go perfectly along with almost anything. The other most popular types of flip-flops include the flip-flops added with traditionally sweet elements such as flip-flops with bows that go best with sweet skirts. The woven bottomed flip-flops are also well received this summer with their unique styles. Let’s check out some more models of comfortable and go-with-all flip-flops that will accompany you through summer to autumn now.

This model of flip-flops uses the most fashionable elements of this summer – the precious stone in totally exotic style. This kind of round and large precious stone from abroad is generally considered by many people that they have the power to make your wishes come true. Whether this kind of legend is real or not, girls tend to be attracted by mysterious things, especially when these mysterious things can be worn by you everywhere you go. This model of flip-flops fit perfectly with this advantage and its cute look makes sure that you can wear whether a dress or a pair of pants with it with no worries on matching problems. 

This model of flip-flops uses the colorful beads that arranged into certain patterns as decoration. These little colorful beads are also designed to bring an exotic look and their adorable style brightens the whole flip-flops. Whether you wear this pair of flip-flops with a light chiffon dress or a pair of jeans or simply a jump suit, it will never fail to match in a chic style. Besides, you can choose some nail polish in the same bright colors to echo with the bead colors, which will brighten the whole tone of the flip-flops to a greater level and helps improve people’s mood for both yourself and people around you. 

The model of flip-flops is not designed in the usual flat style but in a wedge style, which can substantially make you look taller while retaining the comfort of a pair of flats. The gold buckle on straps in this model is totally chic in a slightly extravagant way that fit both summer and autumn.

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Friday, August 26, 2011

Let Summer Blossoms into Flowers on Your Shoes

Summer is a fragrant season with a great variety of flowers blossoming in this season. Therefore, flower patterns, flower printings and multi-layered flower have all become the essential fashion elements in summer. In this year’s summer, as usual, flowers can be not only seen in the beautiful nature but also in the man-made gorgeous designs. In this summer, to take a trip outside with a pair of womens shoes decorated by flowers is one of the most wonderful experiences you can have easily. In this way, every step you take will turn the summer heat into cool and fresh air abundant in flower fragrance. Now we introduce you some best models with blossoms of flowers on your womens shoes.

This pair of patent leather high heels is simply gorgeous with the sleek color of bright red covering the whole shoe body while the two enigmatic black flowers perching on the toe silently. The patent leather is totally chic for summer with sun rays reflected on the womens shoes, creating an extremely eye-catching look that easily attracts attention. This classic color combination of red and black is both elegant and mysterious, showing the gentle side of woman as well as the sexy side of a woman at the same time. 

This light pink pair of flats is cute in every way with the elegant flower-liked bow on the tiny toe, delivering the romantic and gentle temperament of a little lady. And the diamond pattern on shoe body is chic in a low-key style. This model of flats can be your best choice as your date womens shoes, matched with a light-colored dress, offering the sweetest side of you for him. Whether you are a student or an office lady, this model of womens shoes will never disappoint you that date mission to be accomplished. 

This model of two-tone flats may be many office ladies’ favorite with its bright but not too eye-catching style in the aid of color combination of high-profile dark pink and low-key beige. The whole womens shoes are exquisitely designed into every detail that not only flower-styled bow can be seen over the chic peep toe design but also little cute bow prints can be found inside of the flats

This model of womens shoes is featured with sleek metal material to build the shoe body and sleek silk in creating the graceful bow on the toe. The shiny look of both metal and silk deliver a great contrast between hard and soft as well as cold and warm, making you cannot help but drawn by this pair of flats.

Embrace Your New Semester with a Pair of Plaid Canvas Shoes in Academic Style

With summer vacation almost near the end, for many college students, a brand new semester is just around the corner. And a new image is very essential in order to leave a good first impression for both your new professors and classmates. But how to dress up in an academic style that is both chic and not too bold for school can be a tricky problem for many girls. Here we offer you a pair of plaid canvas cheap
 shoes in totally academic style that will ensure you of a smooth beginning of your new semester of another school year.

This model of canvas cheap shoes in academic style is designed in the plaid pattern, which is a generally most welcomed type for girls. The classic look of black, white and red stripes crossing in a square style is a standard academic fashion that is both cute and chic because this kind of plaid pattern is just too simple to be ever out of the mode. To make this pair of canvas cheap shoes more adorable, the designer attaches a classic logo of the image of a funny monkey head on the top of the shoe laces. 

Made of wear-resistant canvas, this model of plaid cheap shoes in academic style fits best for students because it can spare you the trouble of changing into another pair of sneakers in PE classes. The top-quality canvas material this pair of cheap shoes incorporates is tough enough to be worn for a considerably long time even through the messy rainy days and against long-time running. In addition to the appealing look outside, this model of plaid canvas cheap shoes is also designed with exquisite delicacy into every detail even down to the insides of the cheap shoes, which are dotted with floral patterns that are in a completely cute girlish way. 

This model of plaid canvas cheap shoes in academic style is available in two types of plaid patterns – one is in red plaid and the other in white plaid. The white one is less high-profile than the red plaid, offering an alternative option for girls who want to stay low-key on campus. You catch match any casual student outfits with this pair of plaid canvas cheap shoes and they will generally look great in a totally compatible way as long as the clothes you choose to wear is fit for academic style. 

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Dress Like a True Princess with Three-Dimensional Flower High Heels in Completely Fairy Style

Every girl loves the material of chiffon and every girl has a pair of chiffon dress she cherishes because she can feel like a royal princess in the pure and soft chiffon dress. But to be a true princess, you need to dress strictly following the dress code of a princess. So a pair of chiffon dress is not enough. You can only become a true princess with the help of this pair of high heels in completely fairy style designed with three-dimensional flower patterns.

It is exactly the type of womens shoes that will make girls fall in love with at the first sight. Designed with three-dimensional chiffon flowers along the insteps of this pair of womens shoes, this model of open toe high heels feel as if it is specially designed for a princess. The totally fairy look of the multiple layered flowers bring is absolutely gorgeous in the soft and gentle feeling brought by the chiffon material. These abundantly blossoming flowers will make you feel as if walking on the silky way made of the softest flowers in the whole world which are especially collected for you – a true princess. The gentle feeling of these chiffon flowers couple with the cool PU leather offers you an extremely elegant look in perfect grace. 

Designed in 12-cm  high heels and 2-cm high waterproof platforms, this model of flower  high heels will grant you the sight from a higher place than ordinary people in your princess view. These delicately made chiffon flowers and the chic design of shoe laces in a pair of high heels as well as the popular combination of both high heels and platform womens shoes join together in order to create a perfect pair of womens shoes that is worthy for a true princess in every detail of the high heels

If you are not the type of the traditional naïve princess out of conventional fairy tales but a bold and independent black swan type of girl, this model offers you the alternative black type that will grant you the wish of becoming an enigmatic fairy-like dark princess that is powerful by herself independently. Whichever type of princess you want to turn out to be – whether the innocent kind of sweet little princess or the ruling type of dark and powerful princess, this pair of magical  high heels in fairy style will meet your demand perfectly.

Sweeten Your Autumn with Adidas Latest SL Series of Girl Sneakers

In the latest SL series of Adidas autumn sneakers for girls, we can easily find us drawn by their cute look, sweet designs and practical functions.

Among the ranks of Adidas Originals, the SL series is undoubtedly one of the most vintage series in this big family. The SL series first appeared in Munich in 1972, attracting people with its light qualities. Today’s new Adidas SL72 series inherits the essence of the original series and put great efforts in building every detail with the retro-styled designs, announcing the comeback of SL series with the lightness and flexibility of the sneakers. As the functional sneakers, this SL72 Series uses the clean material to create the elegant shoe body and develops many beand new features in the functioning system in order to make the sneakers more stable, balanced and flexible. 

The other model of this series is the model of Nizza, which is a collectible model originated from the classic model of Adidas Archive that was most popular in the 1970s. As the representative model of canvas basketball sneakers in the academic style, Nizza pays much attention to the figure building of the whole sneakers with perfect matching of rubber toes and wide figures, adding a tinge of retro style instantly and therefore making this model popular on the market. While retaining the classic style of the sneakers, the new Nizza incorporates many high-tech functional materials in design to make the sneakers both good looking and functional. Though the leading model standing for minority culture, Nizza also combines all kinds of styles in the fashion culture in an all-inclusive way, expressing its great advantage in matching with all as well as its distinctive cultural style. 

In addition to these two models, the new SL Series also launches the Dot model which is based on the numerous trials on Adidas Superstar. Featured with the distinctively charming toe designed in stars and shells as well as the never faded wavy dots, the model of Dot has made a perfect combination of both wear-resistance of Superstar 2 and super comfort resulted from the delicate manufacturing procedures. Dot also uses bright colors to help bring out the simple and neat designing concept. Meanwhile, as an independent fashion concept in the making, Dot also marks the important combination of revolutionary movement with the pop culture.

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Rock Your Night Life with Ankle Strap Waterproof Platform High Heels in Chic European Style

Have you been troubled with the problem of choosing a pair of suitable womens shoes for going to clubs in the night? It is always a tricky problem in picking out the perfect womens shoes that will not make us so easily trip over while dancing and keep us in total style. Now you may finally find a pair of womens shoes that will rock your night life in complete safety as well as glamorous style with this pair of ankle strap waterproof platform high heels in chic European style.

Made in the fine PU leather at the top quality, this model of ankle strap waterproof platform high heels is designed to grant the womens shoes a sleek and shiny luster that is glamorous in every way. The leather will show its best glitz and glamour coupled with bright candy colors, which will not only catch a lot of attention in the dark light but also brighten up the mood of people around you. 

Designed with 12-inch high heels and 4-inch high waterproof platforms, this pair of ankle strap high heels is the currently most popular type that combines the height of high heels and comfort as well as stability of platform womens shoes, making you walk firmly while making you look taller with seemingly more slender legs. In addition, the design of thick high heels in this model strengthen the firm grasp of the womens shoes more to a greater level that will secure in perfect balance even for tap dancing. Plus, the thin leather ankle strap can be regarded as a great highlight of the whole model in its great function of making your ankles and legs look slimmer and thus sexier. 

This model of ankle strap waterproof platform high heels is designed in an elegant European style, which makes the womens shoes look both cute and graceful. This model is available in five distinctive candy colors. The bright lemon yellow is perfectly funky, striking people with an impression of you in a naughty and perky spirit. The bright blue is totally eye-catching in its refreshing style that definitely will brighten the night. The pink one is both sweet and cute in a totally girlish way that will increases your feminine charm substantially. And the classic black model will bring your enigmatic side out completely. The white model is so elegant and graceful that will make you stand out instantly on the dancing floor. 

Sexy Red Peep-Toe High Heels in the Perfect Combination of Romance and Extravagance

Bright red and glossy gold is perhaps the best color combination in order to create a feeling that most girls desire in perfect balance with romance and extravagance. For any girl, this combination is highly alluring with extreme temptation that there is hardly a girl who can resist. And now Dior has offered us a pair of peep-toe high heels that carries along this kind of irresistible trait. Guess how long can you hold on before taking out your credit card and take this collectible pair of extremely sexy red peep-toe high heels home?

This model of sexy red peep-toe high heels is designed incorporating most of the currently popular elements such as the chic peep toe design, black lace coverage as well as the combination of high heels and the platform soles. The stylish peep toe not only grants a more chic look to this pair of high heels but make your toes more comfortable in a freer way. And the bonus the peep-toe design brings is that you can choose colorful nail polish in your demand to brighten the whole look of your high heels or match with the dresses you put on. The black lace coverage wrapped over the gold soles and high heels create a see-through visual effect that will make the whole look of the high heels sexier. The combination of slim high high heels and thick platform soles make sure that you can walk in complete comfort and security while looking taller and slender, which boasts the double advantages from both a pair of high heels and a pair of platform flats

The gorgeous color combination of fiery bright red and glossy metallic gold presents an amazing visual effect that contains a wonderful contrast between warmness and coldness, bringing out the gentle and soft feminine side of you as well as the independent and bold side of you at the same time. 

What’s more, this kind of glamorous color combination is not only just appealing in look and easy to catch attention but also is highly practical and functional especially in matching with clothes. You can whether choose an elegant evening gown or just a simple pair of casual leisure jeans to go with the red and gold peep-toe high heels. They will just all matches in perfect compatibility, delivering you in gorgeous style that is both romantic and extravagant.

Single-Colored Buckle Patent Leather High Top Flats Help You Brighten up Your Autumn

At the end of the hot summer and with autumn around the corner, it seems easy to get your mood lowered down due to the lowering of the temperature. Though we have to wait another year before the hyper feelings brought by scorching summer heat come back, we can choose to brighten the bleak autumn up with our own efforts. And in order to reach that goal, the simplest way is perhaps to buy a pair of autumn shoes in bright color that will always cheer you up accompanying all the way through autumn. Here we find a model of single-colored buckle patent leather high top flats that will meet your demand of a pair of mood-boosting womens shoes for this autumn.

This model of single-colored buckle patent leather high top flats is from the Hong Kong brand of Lovely day, which has been listed among the best-selling brands on the local market and around the world. Designed in sleek top-quality patent leather, this model of high top flats offers an image that is totally high-spirited in a completely funky way. To some extend, this model may remind you of Dr. Martens, but it is distinctive from the famous womens boots with its own features. Among them, the biggest highlight is perhaps the cute and fun buckle strap on the toe, which is totally chic coupled with the shoe lace design, making the whole womens shoes seem even more fun with full vigor in the unique style of youth. 

Made in super soft patent leather, this model of high top flats is totally comfortable to wear and easy for walking effortlessly as well as presents a warm feeling for you against the cool air of autumn. The high top design of the uppers make the womens shoes seem more of a neutral style in a boyish look, which is most common for autumn girl womens shoes and have been welcomed by girls all over the world for several decades. 

This model of buckle strap high top flats is totally cute in its look, which may remind you of a piece of puffy bread and that is why it is also nicknamed bread womens shoes. This type of flats is available in four candy colors, all designed in single pure color, which is the best way to brighten up the whole look of the womens shoes and your mood in the autumn.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Eye-Catching Fringe Shoes – the Favorite Retro Type of Shoes for Girls

Fringe has always been in style in the fashion industry, whether in dresses, blouses, gowns, skirts, jeans, handbags or womens shoes. Their eye-catching style and the flowing look make them always chic in the ever changing trend. The free spirit hidden behind the fringe design makes it a stylish element that goes with everything perfectly and that is the main reason which makes the fringe design never out of fashion. If you are a girl who love s retro style, then the fringe design may be your favorite because of its vintage look and nostalgic vibe it brings. Here we have prepared several models of beautiful shoes designed with fringe as decorations for you to pick out your favorite one.

This pair of flat sandals in bright red can make you easily stand out even among a big crowd. This model of sandals uses the fringe to act as the decoration on the ankle straps. Set firmly with some natural stones, the fringe loose down in a casual way, making this model a perfect choice for a short leisure trip outside on the sunny days. 

This model of white leather flats in a ballerina style attaches the fringe on the instep of the shoe toe, coupled with the cute bow-shaped shoelace, delivering cute and quiet look in a girl-next-door style. The little white fringe may remind you of the white pure feather of tiny wings and thus making the whole shoes look more adorable. This model of flats can fit all kinds of occasions, including hectic working days, leisure afternoon at home, short trip in the wild and sweet date on weekends, showing the cute and sweet side of you perfectly. 

This model of black boots uses the fringe design on the side of the boots in order to create a light feeling by having the fringe flying while you are walking, neutralizing the otherwise too heavy look of these womens boots. With the chic design of shoe laces and the light fringe hanging down in a free way on the sides of the boots, this whole pair looks very unique in its own style. 

This pair of Oxford styled leather shoes uses fringe as a cute little decoration on the insteps, which can move around freely while you take your steps in this pair of shoes, delivering a ladylike gentle look of yours in total feminine grace.

Be a Sexy and Cute Lady with Charlotte Olympia Kitty Shoes

For all women, the perfect images they want to present to their loved ones are perhaps the perfect combination of girlish cuteness and mature lady’s sexiness. Now Charlotte Olympia can grant you the wish by its newly launched Charlotte Olympia Kitty Shoes out of the 2011 autumn and winter series.

This series of Kitty womens shoes from Charlotte Olympia 2011 Autumn and Winter is as sexy as cute in every detail. Embroidered with an extremely adorable kitty head on the toe, plus the pointed cute kitty ears attached to the shoe body, the whole shoes wrapped with soft and warm velvet deliver a fairy tale vibe that is as sweet as little smiling kitty on the shoes. This pair of womens shoes not only carries along the sweetest dream of a young girl but also gives you the elegance belonging to a mature lady. Whether you are still a teenage girl like a cute kitty dreaming your fairy tale world or a mature woman who is charmingly sexy as a cat lady, you cannot resist this ultimate temptation of the perfect combination of sexiness and adorability. 

This series of kitty shoes offers three different models for you to pick out your favorite one. The black type is all mysterious in an irresistibly sexy way. The classic color combination of black and gold strikes people with an extremely gorgeous impression that is both enigmatic and extravagant. In order to make the contrast more impressive, this pair of womens shoes chooses metallic gold to match the black velvet. The strong contrast of cold and warm as well as hard and soft makes this model of womens shoes stand out easily even among a big crowd, helping you attract the mosr attention. 

The red model out of this series of kitty shoes has a strong Latino style in its bold look integrating red velvet and black line, which is used as the sole line as well as the line delineating the kitty head on the toe. This model uses another classic color combination of black and red, showing your passionate side to people.

 The leopard patterned model from this series delivers the wild side of you and will turn this obedient little kitty into a bodacious feline animal that seems to strike out at any moment, bringing out the independent and confident you out.

Be a Sweet Fairy Girl with Cute Lace Round Toe Flats in Korean Style

Lace is perhaps the most girlish type of decorations while the ballet flats are perhaps the most girlish type of shoes. So when lace meets ballet flats, you will find the most girlish shoes in totally girlish style of the whole world that will make you look like a fairy girl dancing around gracefully in a light and adorable way. This pair of round toe flats decorated with cute lace in the sweet Korean style we are about to present to you is exactly the shoes like that.

This pair of round toe flats decorated with cute lace in the sweet Korean style is made in world-class top-quality PU leather, which are both extremely soft to feel and highly wearable against long time. The designs of relief made in gorgeous lace on the insteps of the flat shoes are stunningly delicate, forming the charming snow flake patterns and other gorgeous lines and curves in a casual but elegant style, reminding you of the loose lifestyle of the court life back in the 18th century, where court girls often sneaked out of the palace in such flat shoes to go on her adventure in quest of her love. 

In addition, the exquisite lace covering the whole shoe body delineate the most graceful pictures of pure snow flakes and cute cherries in a magical way that make you feel that this is a pair of enchanted flat shoes belonging to some fairies and now have been passed down to her in order to perform great magic to make the whole world a better place to live for human beings. In addition, the cute and delicately made mark in the shape of a heart inside the flat shoes is completely sweet, delivering your sweetness from inside out entirely. This magnificent pair of round toe flat shoes decorated with cute lace in the sweet Korean style is absolutely chic with the cute lace embroidered to the net coverage of the shoes and the flat shoes are made so delicately in an extremely exquisite way that even the line of the insoles are designed in lace. 

If you want to turn into a sweet and cute fairy girl that will be as charming as the magic you are doing in this summer, just come and try this pair of cute flats in sweet Korean style on.

AMII Flower Slippers in Gorgeous Spanish Style

Nature is abundant in all kinds of magical miracles and many of them happen in the beautiful summer with fragrant air flowing around in the summer breeze such as the magical color changing of hydrangeas. This extremely adorable plant that will change colors in different stages of a day with gorgeous pink, blue and purple is indeed a natural wonder. Now you can wear this natural wonder on your shoes with this pair of flower slippers in gorgeous Spanish style from AMII. 

This pair of AMII flower slippers is designed based on a classic model of wide flip-flops in black. The simple and low-key black soles coupled with the silver logo, which brightens up the whole look of the slippers. And the specially designed wide shoe body offers an adorable look in a casual style. 

Of course, the most attractive part of the whole look of this pair of AMII flower slippers in Spanish style is the flower design inspired by the color-changing of gorgeous hydrangeas. Designed in order to show the best side of a girl’s most feminine temperament in a soft and gentle style, these flowers are attached to the straps with every detail paid much conscientious attention to. 

The multi-layered flowers cluster in a three-dimensional way, which strikes people with an impression of a lifelike image of real flowers. And the designer has made this pair of flower slippers extremely delicate with even creating green torus part attached to the straps firmly in a quiet and low-profile way. The extravagant color changing of hydrangeas is interpreted in a perfect way with the rich and abundant colors in a mixed style with enigmatic purple, adorable pink and gorgeously elegant blue as well as a tinge of green that belongs to the leaves under. The main color is the mysterious purple, which can deliver the sexiness and sweetness of a girl at the same time. 

In addition to the lifelike flower design, another exquisite design of this pair of flower slippers is the dazzling diamonds studded on the straps beside the flowers. The glitzy look of these diamonds remind people of fresh dew drops around real flowers, making the whole shoes resembling flowers in more lifelike way while easily catch people’s eyes with the bling-bling style of the design. 

Do you want to have a summer in gorgeous Spanish style? Come and grab this pair of flower slippers and you will definitely feel that everywhere you go turns into a most beautiful garden.