Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Be a Perfect Lady with Pointy Toe Flats with Stitching Lace

For every girl in her twenty, growing up can be a process that is really painful but at the same time very sweet. Sometimes, we just wish that we could skip the part and directly turn into a perfect lady in full elegance and complete grace. And now this pair of pointy toe flats with stitching laces may be your best choice in turning into a graceful lady at the fastest speed.

Designed with sweet but sexy black lace stiched in flower pattern on the back of the heels and wrapped on both sides of the shoe body. The enigmatically charming design of lace patterns in flower and leaves, delivering the sexy but still sweet you and striking people with a perfect image of girl-turing-into-lady. The rippled pattern on the toe coupled with the sexy pointy toe is gorgeous in a graceful way, showing your foot figure in a perfect way. If you are a reserved girl, you can match this pair of flat shoes with some light-colored socks such as light pink or light tan, showing the quiet but cute side of you. If you are looking for the bold and high-profile style, you can match this pair of flat shoes with some candy-colored socks, brightening the whole look as well as boosting your mood substantially. 

This elegant model of pointy toe flats with stitching lace is provided in three different colors, which deliver different sides of you in various styles for you to have a wider range of options. 

The model of this pair of flat shoes is in beige, which brings out the most graceful and elegant side of you, showing the gentlest feminine you to the whole world in completely gorgeous glamor. 

The model of the flat shoes in light pink is highly girlish, coupled with the sexy black lace and pointy toe design, making you look extremely sweet while retaining the sexy tinge of you as a gorgeous mature lady. 

The bright green color of this model can be really eye-catching with its bright and high-profile style. The green matches with the black lace make this pair of flat shoes seem enchanted with magic and deliver a slightly hallucinating look that is totally sexy in an enigmatic and mysterious way.

If you want to become an elegant lady instantly, come and put this pair of flat shoes on, then you will see how the magic works.

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