Friday, August 19, 2011

Be a Sweet Fairy Girl with Cute Lace Round Toe Flats in Korean Style

Lace is perhaps the most girlish type of decorations while the ballet flats are perhaps the most girlish type of shoes. So when lace meets ballet flats, you will find the most girlish shoes in totally girlish style of the whole world that will make you look like a fairy girl dancing around gracefully in a light and adorable way. This pair of round toe flats decorated with cute lace in the sweet Korean style we are about to present to you is exactly the shoes like that.

This pair of round toe flats decorated with cute lace in the sweet Korean style is made in world-class top-quality PU leather, which are both extremely soft to feel and highly wearable against long time. The designs of relief made in gorgeous lace on the insteps of the flat shoes are stunningly delicate, forming the charming snow flake patterns and other gorgeous lines and curves in a casual but elegant style, reminding you of the loose lifestyle of the court life back in the 18th century, where court girls often sneaked out of the palace in such flat shoes to go on her adventure in quest of her love. 

In addition, the exquisite lace covering the whole shoe body delineate the most graceful pictures of pure snow flakes and cute cherries in a magical way that make you feel that this is a pair of enchanted flat shoes belonging to some fairies and now have been passed down to her in order to perform great magic to make the whole world a better place to live for human beings. In addition, the cute and delicately made mark in the shape of a heart inside the flat shoes is completely sweet, delivering your sweetness from inside out entirely. This magnificent pair of round toe flat shoes decorated with cute lace in the sweet Korean style is absolutely chic with the cute lace embroidered to the net coverage of the shoes and the flat shoes are made so delicately in an extremely exquisite way that even the line of the insoles are designed in lace. 

If you want to turn into a sweet and cute fairy girl that will be as charming as the magic you are doing in this summer, just come and try this pair of cute flats in sweet Korean style on.

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