Monday, August 15, 2011

Reebok Pump Fury

Have you ever imagined that a pair of sneakers thus cute is actually a Reebok product? Of course not, when thinking of Reebok, girls tend to think about the sloppy sneakers of boys that are always messy and ugly. Now Reebok is about to change those girls’ opinions around with this model of extremely adorable Reebok Pump Fury.

Recently, the sports brand Reebok has recruited Japanese designer Jun Watanabe to collaborate on revamping its Reebok Insta Pump Fury of the 90s to create a brand new model of Jun Watanabe x atmos x Reebok Pump Fury based on the classic original model with white spots across the upper design, plus eye-catching aqua blue and pink as the base colors. This model is expected to be started selling in May in Eproze, Japan. 

This model covered with all tiny little doll are super cute, and the special design and the biggest highlight is that you can never guess what expression your doll will have because every doll is randomly designed with all different expressions. Besides, the other surprise is that you may never know exactly how many dolls there are in your Reebok Pump Fury for many of them are cleverly hidden in some place you may never find out. 

The adorable dolls come in various sizes and various shapes with various expressions that are all extremely adorable. Plus, the color contrast of aqua blue and light pink is a bold choice in using the two most loved colors by girls on the same instep. But the effect is great because the are actually both hidden colors surrounded by white dots covering the whole black surface. 

Inherited with Reebok’s top-quality comfort design to offer the wearing experience no other sneakers can ever reach, this model will ensure its purchasers of the best comfort as all Reebok items have offered. Supported by the industry leading high technologies, this model will is super airy and highly resistant with its top manufacturing materials. 

With this pair of Reebok Pump Fury, you may never find sneakers boring any more because with all these dolls standing, lying and hiding somewhere you don’t even know, it seems to girls like buying a big doll house instead of a pair of sneakers home. And the part is, we girls can finally own a “doll house” that we can carry it all along wherever we go.

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