Thursday, August 11, 2011

Show Your Glamorous Feminine Charm with Ballet Flats

In addition to the great convenience and comfort they bring about, the ballet shoes also show feminine elegance in a royal way. Whether you wear them in your daily life or dress up with them for a party, the ballet shoes simply exude nobility from inside in a more and more conspicuous way. It occurs to us that the heroine dances on her toes wearing a pair of ballet shoes in the swan lake. So every girl dreams that some day, they would become the heroine standing on the stage and dancing around gracefully as a beautiful swan. Now your dream can finally come true with a pair of ballet shoes that shows best your feminine charm.

To travel with your friends must be your first choice for leisure at the weekend in this sunny season. But when traveling, we can’t wear the high-heeled shoes as what we generally do when attending a party. So you must pick out a pair of comfortable flat shoes as a highly important integral element of your “necessary weapons” for your travel.

Girls can show best their feminine charm by wearing the pink flat shoes with a delicate golden bow. This pair of shoes matched with a pair of high-waisted shorts and a retro-style smock can leave an unforgettable impression on others. 

Generally speaking, when choosing the flat shoes, the shoes made of top-quality leather and sheepskins are better choices for us with their greater comfort. In the aspect of color choices, light nude colors as well as pink, light tan and black are the best colors to go with lady’s dresses. However, as for the style you decide to go in, a pair of flat shoes with bow, tassel design or metal buckles is very essential in order to create a stylishly chic look.  

It is the combination of laces and flat shoes that makes girls who like laces has a second option, This pair of flats that matches with a see-through skirt will definitely show your best feminine side. 

Repetto, the best brand famous for making ballet shoes at the forefront of the trend was established in 1947 and also later became the classic symbol of ballet shoes. Recently the play of Romeo and Juliet will be put on from mid-April. Inspired from the classic play, the designer creates a model of ballet shoes named Romeo and Juliet in some of the most classical patterns

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