Sunday, July 31, 2011

Teenmix Floral Wedge Sandals Provides You a Fragrant Summer

In the hot summer, it always makes you feel refreshing and cool to see some fresh and fragrant little flowers around. If you want to see them in every step you make, you cannot miss this new type of Teenmix floral wedge sandals.

As the slogan of Teenmix goes:” Life for fun, style for teens.” Its shoes are always full of fun to make you feel like a teen even if you are not any more. This pair is designed with the concept from Alice in Wonderland. In the designer’s eyes, summer in 2011 must be a season where all flowers in the garden are blossoming. With the use of various colored three-dimensional flowers, this pair of wedge sandals is decorated like the dreamlike garden which Alice accidentally walks in. The sweet floral design blossoms on the whole shoes, making them look so beautiful to you that you cannot resist flipping for them whether you are a teen or not. 

With three classic colors of ladylike pink, perky yellow and elegant white to choose from, you are reassured to find the perfect pair for matching your summer dress.

This pair of floral wedge sandals totally brings the advantage of wedge shoes into full play. With the elegant flowers covering the heels, you can simply look taller without even trying. Standing tall in the flower clusters, you may feel that might run into the mad hatter anytime. The straps of this pair are made of fine world-class leather that prevents easy friction. And the medal buckle on the leather band style strap is vey chic and full of fashionable taste, giving a glamorous impression. The printing flowers blossom into a sweet fragrance of fine art. The three-dimensional flower clusters offer a multi-level rich taste of fashion. And the crossed strap design brings about all sweetness you can imagine. 

With these exquisite details this pair of Teenmix floral wedge sandals brings to you, you may feel like every step you make toward is to the coronation ceremony for you. The wedge heel design make your legs seem more slender and with the artistic sensation of the flower clusters on your shoes bring, you are always welcome to school, work, party or date. So quit wasting your time by looking, come and try it on to feel the sweetest fragrance of this summer.

The Coolest Wedge Slippers Come to Your Feet’s Rescue This Summer

It is very common nowadays to see celebrities wearing slippers in their casual snapshots taken on the streets in summer. Slippers are no longer limited in homes; they can also be so chic and stylish that everyone wants to wear them outside to have people wow at them. Here we introduce to you a pair of the most fashionable slippers in this summer that definitely will make people wow when you wear them outdoors.

This type of slippers has swept the market of Japan and Korea, making fashion fanatics extremely excited for having such stylish slippers that can make them both comfortable and totally chic in them. 

The material for this model of slippers is very specially designed carbon biological plastic, which can make the total weight of the whole shoes much lighter compared with common shoes, making your walking more easily and effortlessly. Plus, the carbon biological plastic material is totally beneficial for cutting back customers’ carbon footprint and thus helps them live a greener life as well as raise more awareness of low carbon life style.

This model has been a star model that has earned its great popularity among many celebrities because of not only its fashionable simple look, but more importantly its function in keeping fit. It reasonable design in aid of new technology can effectively activate those neglected muscles when walking in them and help you exercises muscles of your whole body while you are walking. According to a market research, this pair of slippers can effectively improve customers’ standing and walking posture. They are also very beneficial in helping treat backache and other problems in back, hip, leg and feet. 

This model of slippers is designed with the skid proof soles which use the super light polyurethane material coupled with its stylish metal buckle and the most chic flannel insteps. 

This model is available in five great colors that will totally meet every girl’s demand of her own color for this summer. Elegant black is always a classic choice to show your intellectual and wise side as well as adds a tinge of mysteriousness and sexiness. Cool green is many girls’ favorite color for a refreshing summer night walk at leisure. The cappuccino color is another great choice is you want to keep a low-key but mature style. How can any girl resist the color of pink, reminding you of a melted strawberry ice-cream in this summer, both sweet and cool? The chocolate brown is never wrong to match any dresses with.

Go! Pink High Heels!

Pink is the kind of color no girl can ever resist and high heels are the kind of shoes no girl can ever turn down. So when pink meet high heels, it is already enough for girls to scream out, plus the fabulous designs from the top designers in the fashion industry, the combination will definitely make girls go crazy.

Chopard collaborates with the Italian shoe designer Giuseppe Zanotti to create together a whole line of jewelry accessories in unique and innovative design, including a pair of high heels decorated with jewelry and the matching fine jewelry earrings. 

This pair of pink satin diamond decorative shoes boasts dizzying super high heels of a 12.5 cm and 600 well-arranged pink teardrop-shaped cut diamonds in different shades that dazzle everyone’s eyes. The whole weight of the diamonds reach as much as 360 carat. 

On the ankle strap, a rose gold anklet hangs there inlaid with red tourmaline, pink corundum, diamonds and rubies. Its clever and full of fun design allows it to be taken down separately as a beautiful bracelet to wear.

In the other parts of straps on the shoes, you can always see teardrop-shaped cut diamonds decorated directly. To further the creative design to the perfection, Chopard makes a pair of charming earrings, also inlaid with the same type of teardrop-shaped cut diamonds. 

On May 19, this most precious pair of beautiful shoes of the whole world showed up before the world on charming supermodel Anja Rubik and shined out on the red carpet at the amfAR, dazzling all people’s eyes with all the shiny diamonds. In the later charity auction, this pair of gorgeous shoe was sold out at a particularly high price of €140,000. 

Over 15 years, Giuseppe Zanotti has always been one of the most famous shoe designers. “I have always loved jewelry and I myself collect much antique jewelry. I am very passionate for charity cause, so this idea of ​​cooperation with Chopard immediately attracted my attention.” Giuseppe Zanotti added, “Over the years I have been supporting all kinds of activities AmFAR holds, and the activity for this time once again inspires my brand new design and offers an opportunity for me as a dream stage to create and display the most valuable fine shoes ever for the whole world.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Adidas Originals JS Bones – Inspired by Classic Animated Series the Flintstones

Recently, Jeremy Scott has been inspired by a variety of things to create new models for Adidas. Now Jeremy has also tapped into the 60s American classic animated series of the Flintstones to find the inspiration for his latest design. Based on the shape of Hardland from Adidas originals, this model is definitely wild in the primitive style with three bone-shaped lace buckle designs and the modified scarf design of the cartoon character Fred Flintstone. The Flintstones is an American classic animated series produced by Hanna-Barbera which was extremely popular back in the 60s and it was remade into a live-action film in the 90s. The story is based against a primitive background and uses very modern means of expression to display the humorous and interesting primitive way of life of the Flintstone family. The story is significant in its practical meaning to our modern life. 

The remarkable genius designer Jeremy Scott has ensured that everything out of the JS series he has designed in collaboration with Adidas Originals will definitely become the trend of hottest fashion that everyone is pursuing after with his magnificent wild style in designing. And this uniquely wild and bold style has already become the signature of Jeremy Scott through the JS series resulted from his cooperation with Adidas Originals. And you will never guess what inspiration he will get for his next design. 

The JS Bones will not only attract teenagers’ attention this time as the Adidas products always do, but also will promise a wide fan base of older people, especially those who were kids familiar with the animated series back in the 60s. The JS Bones offer them a precious opportunity to collect some childhood memories through this pair of sneakers. And the adorable bone shoe lace design will definitely make this model a great gift most girls want to buy for their boyfriends. The whole look of this model is double-sided. The lake blue and white is very quiet and low-key, plus the cute bone design, makes the shoes very attractive in an adorable way. But the leopard pattern surely adds the wild and bold style of Jeremy himself, changing the whole look entirely and making every detail of this pair of shoes come to life in a young and freshly lively way,

Chuck Taylor All Star Specialty Pays Tribute to the Stars and Stripes

Converse Vagabond series has always committed to living the simple life to its very best. It advocates love for art and upholds minimum way of life and it stands against being a secular conformist. The fans of Converse Vagabond series are of the kind of people who doesn’t write dream down so as to show off to others but express the significant mysteriousness through their expressions. They keep moving and never settle because they always believe that the surprise waiting them in the next stop beats the ordinary in this moment and that is the attitude of Converse Vagabond and its supporters. They are neither cynical nor rogue, they simply keeps walking firmly on the road leading to the their dreams wearing a simple plaid shirt, a pair of worn jeans and the Chuck Taylor All Star that will accompany them all the way to their dream.

The main Chuck Taylor All Star model of this season’s Converse Vagabond is inspired by highly recognizable American Stars and Stripes. With a row if four stars of white color lying on the blue jean stripe stitched along the uppers of the shoes as well as the white and red stripes surrounding the whole shoe body, this model strikes people with an obvious impression of American signature national flag and thus pays great tribute to the stars and the stripes in its unique design. The color combination of white, red and blue is so classic that makes this pair of canvas shoes have a pretty elegant look. 

Chuck Taylor All Star seems to quietly remind you that you have not waken up from your American dream and you should keep dreaming till it is fully realized. The washed-up canvas makes the campus red and navy blue match perfectly in a more natural and soft way. This model is available in two different stripe designs – one is painted with wide stripes and the other is painted with thin stripes. The stripes use the refined line step design to create the effect of multi-layers and increase the sophistication. This Chuck Taylor All Star model is among the group of low saturation. And specially made old look on the both sides shows best the free spirit, easy-going temperament and casual attitude towards life of the Converse Vagabond and its supporters. 

As Colorful as You Wish -- Marimekko X CONVERSE Fall 2011 Collection

Renowned for its various styles in print patterns, Finnish brand Marimekko started to take the market of soccer sneakers early this spring and the partner they chose to collaborate with was the brand CONVERSE we are all familiar with. In their first series out of collaboration, Marimekko has shown its advanced skills in designing patterns which is represented by a simple but yet decorative pattern in a North European style. 

Marimekko comes to find Converse for their second collaboration this time for its autumn and winter series and their cooperation presents us with most beautiful Nordic-style printing. This series is based on three classic Converse models, including Chuck Taylor All Star OX, Chuck Taylor All Star Hi and Helen. The three Converse models are all served as the carrier for the new design of abstract and figurative flowers, irregular blocks of color stitching, the classic waves and dots as well as all other patterns full of great visual elements in fabulous artistic sense. Imagine wearing one of them on the road covered with fallen leaves, how pleasant it will be! 

This model is both adorable and elegant. With the big dot design that may remind people of pattern on a cow or just simply ink stains, you can the different images behind these simple designs in different mood. No matter what meaning you find hidden in the design, one thing is for sure, a simple elegant pair of shoes like this is never outmoded because it can remind people of so many various things as long as one has imagination.

This model designed in color block stitching is very popular among young people with its colorful and perky style. The color combination offers an interesting and fun look people can never get tired of and stitching irregular blocks gives a free-spirited impression, suit very much for young people who are pursuing after their colorful and free dream. Besides, this model is available in both high Converse and low Converse, allowing an alternative choice for its potential purchasers. 

This model is of a very North European style which is elegantly simple and gracefully exquisite. The big red flower paint on the surface coupled with white toe makes this model have this refined but natural look that blossoms in the totally combatable color combination of white and red. It suits best for you to wear in the autumn to improve your mood and offer hope even in the bleakest environment.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Feel Bohemia with Caerphilly Strap Stitching Wedge Sandals

In this glamorous summer, don’t you look forward to a free trip far away from the noise of the city or the restrain of your professional dress? Put on this pair of Caerphilly strap stitching wedge sandals and go out feeling the Bohemian romance with no troubles of the metropolis.

This pair of Caerphilly strap stitching wedge sandals will bring you the double romance made by sexy leather strap design and woven wedge heels. Actually, this model of Caerphilly is base on the original design of Anna Sui, the top American luxury brand and the forerunner who brings Bohemian style into the fashion industry. It has been called by the industry as “New York Magician” with its retro color and the extravagant vibe its designs deliver as well as the stunningly beautiful colors. It is often featured with artistic prints and wedge heels of a rustic style. Caerphilly inherits the natural spirit of Anna Sui in using great amount of natural elements in its design. This model is designed in a bold and multi-layered style with floral print and woven wedge heels with rustic vibe, looking uniquely refreshing to people especially in this hot summer.

Its double exotic styles of both Bohemian and Japanese offers a great mix and match of free spirit and girlish sweetness, making you cannot help but fall in love with it. Plus, the floral prints and the woven heels both are of a very rustic style which is currently very popular in shoes. Wearing this pair outside for a walk, you will definitely be in your best mood and your highest spirit. In addition, the wedge heels are the most popular kind of sandals in this summer for it provides a most comfortable walking experience while making you look taller. 

This model is available in three colors. The blue one is truly refreshing that you may feel as if you are facing a beautiful sea and feel the cool sea wind even in the hottest summer days. The orange is so glamorously gorgeous that you seem to see the flowers on the shoes burgeoning into beautiful blossoms before your eyes. The rose color offers you the best romantic feelings and will improve much of your charm when you wear them on a date.

Come and try one pair on, you will definitely fall in love with the Bohemian free spirit it brings about.

Wear Hello Kitty on Your Vans Shoes

If you are a girl, this may be good news for you. If you are a Hello Kitty girl fan, this is definitely great news for you. Vans recently launch the Hello Kitty series that every Hello Kitty fan likes to have. This series covers all classic original shoes of Vans with Hello Kitty patterns, including Old School, Slip On, SK8-HI and so on. The classic Hello Kitty pink is surely used in them; the girlish style overthrows the traditional image of Vans. If you are a Hello Kitty fan, why still wait around? Just rush to the store and take one of them home. 

Renowned for her trademark of red bow and her mouthless cute face, Hello Kitty is perhaps the most famous little kitten in this whole world. On this model, the hand-painted style coupled with patterns of kitten on her tiny bike and kitten going for shopping as well as the classic red bow, making every detail so girlish on the surface of the shoes. But thanks to the classic color combination of red and black, this model won’t be too girlish to be turned down by cool girls who like Hello Kitty but not a big pink fan. 

This classic slip-on model may be many girls’ top choice for its simple and low-key style but still very cute design with the Hello Kitty head. The pink color has been hidden inside the shoes, leaving only a line visible to people looking from outside. The whole black and white color gives a simple and elegant impression while the tiny bit of pink visible adds a little perky style in it, making you feel confident but still a little bit girlish wearing them. 

As the other model from the classic slip-on series, this pair of Vans Hello Kitty is also very popular among girls who don’t want to attract too much attention with too much pink on their shoes but still like the adorable little kitten. The instep is covered with double squares of Hello Kitty heads and her signature red bow, making a very compatible and cute look. While the slip-on part leaves out quite a blank space, allowing a distance between the front toe and heel and thus ensures people wouldn’t get dizzy over watching all the patterns covering the whole surface of the shoes, which is a very thoughtful design worth great commendation.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Rome-Style Hollowed-out Wedge Sandals Brighten Your Summer up

Summer is a season full of bright colors and it would be perfect if you can pick a pair of bright-colored shoes to go out in the sun, breathing the fresh summer air and getting yourself totally relaxed in the bright summer scenery. Meanwhile, you can make sure you are one of the brightest sceneries to those people around by putting on a pair of bright colored shoes. Here we recommend you a type that will ensure that.

This pair of Rome-Style hollowed-out wedge sandals features in its bright color and total free European style, making sure you can attract as much attention as you want. This pair offers best quality with carefully designed details. 

The metallic accessories are necessary to make a pair of shoes perfectly chic. This pair is designed with totally stylish leather straps with metal buckles, making sure it will shine out and be eye-catching in the summer sunlight. In addition, with a highly elastic strap designed in simple style, this pair makes wearing easier and more comfortable, not only adding fashionable flavor into it but also is perfectly practical. Its sole utilizes the most chic wave-shaped skid proof material, making it has a greater grip onto to the ground and preventing the unevenness occurred due to friction in the middle part of the sole. This model is produced through conscientious and expert processing procedures to make sure each of its finished products is perfectly exquisite into every detail with upgraded quality. As for its texture, this pair uses the imported world-class PU to ensure the leather’s fine quality. The strap design of this pair is extremely flexible and adjustable for different heights of different peoples’ insteps, making sure it can totally fit your foot. The elegant curve design at the heels baring your ankle makes your look more enigmatic and sexy while ensuring your comfort in them. The totally avant-garde design of T strap make you walk on the forefront of chic fashion. The 5.5 cm high-bottomed wedge sandal style is the current most fashionable element and makes sure you look taller and more confident.

There are three classic colors for you to choose to match your dress. The bright yellow makes you feel perky and lively, the blue one makes you seem mature and confident while the black one ensures you to be enigmatic and sexy.

 So don’t wait around and just come try one on. And you can brighten this summer with it on.

Memametoo Peep-Toe Bow High Heels Help You Find the Best Taste in This Summer

Summer is always lively with all kinds of blossom and a great variety of fresh fruit. It’s very easy to lose your own taste surrounded by all the fragrance. But if you have Memametoo’s latest peep-toe bow high heels, you can stop worrying about that because you have already found yourself the best taste in this summer.

This model can show best your individual personality with its unique design. The bow on the top is designed in a most asymmetrical style, making the shoes look individually elegant. Plus, the reflective diamonds lined around the bow makes an extremely extravagant and luxurious effect, letting you become the shiniest focus in everyone’s eyes. Every diamond including the large one decorated hanging down from the back strap are all imported from Czech, where they are cut into the most refined shape in the aid of the most advanced technology. Plus, the peep-toe design helps weaken the flashiness of the diamonds, which make the shoes have the sexy and dignified instead of frivolous vibe. Besides, the elegant and slender high heels of this model in lacquered leather gives a totally sexy impression, helping building the perfect leg line for you. And the insteps are wrapped by refined black flannel, which creates an exotic and enigmatic vibe. Coupled with the black flannel, the single bright color design and red soles make a completely gorgeous and chic combination. Every step you make while lift your feet, the lively fiery color shows up, revealing your passion and enthusiasm hidden inside your heart. 

This model is available in two very bright colors, the bright pink one and the bright yellow one. Though they are both bright colors, they surely do not seem like cute candy colors for little girls, in contrast, with the weakening effect brought by the black flannel. The bright colors can also be very mature and elegant. Whether it is pink or yellow, they both can make a classic combination of color coupled with black. The pink and yellow colors both look juicy for they remind people of fresh and delicious summer fruits. 

Whether you are going to work early in the morning or taking a relaxing walk in the park or attending a party, this pair of Memametoo peep-toe bow high heels will make a perfect choice for your perfect taste.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Fan Bingbing and Designer D&G Interpret the New Version of “Peony Pavilion”

Fan Bingbing’s cover photo for Chinese top men’s magazine “men’s uno” has been formally revealed in its July issue. As the first Chinese actress on the cover, Fan Bingbing’s appearance with two world top designers Domenico Dolceand and Stefano Gabbana has become the focus of attention. This trio has interpreted in a Chinese compound a summer version of Peony Pavilion. It makes the first cooperation between D&G designers and a Chinese actress. It is also the first time for “men’s uno” to invite a first female star shoot with international designers together for its cover since its initial issue.

This photo shooting experience makes Fan really excited and she’s been looking forward to it for quite a long time. For Dolce and Gabbana, they fall in love with Chinese culture once set their foot on this land. So magazine editors try ​​their best to integrate Chinese elements into the shooting and arrange Fan and two designers for playing mahjong together. Everyone is excited about this bold attempt. Fan keeps commending this creative idea:” I cannot really play mahjong, let alone the two designers. So we may never have the chance to sit at a mahjong table together after this. 

Undoubtedly, Fan Bingbing has now become one of Chinese “It Girl”, if not the only “It Girl”. In a recent in a list made by a well-known site about famous Chinese actresses who have been on the cover of renowned magazines in the first half of 2011, Fan Bingbing, has made the top one with her 3-time appearances on first-rate magazine covers. 

Fan Bingbing has been a workaholic in the entertainment industry in recent years with constant films and dramas for her to shoot. Fan’s striving to challenge herself and to try to act in diverse roles for her audience brings out to them her new image. Earlier this year, Fan Bingbing makes several stunning appearances in Paris fashion week, which not only attract French fashion industry’s attention but also make her widely known. She has even been invited on many American fashion talk shows for many times. And her two successful consecutive appearances in the Cannes International Film Festival have earned her the special title of “Red Carpet Queen”.