Sunday, July 24, 2011

Be the Most Popular Polka Dot Girl with Caerphilly Bow Dot Sandals

This star model of Caerphilly has been popular since its launch, sweeping the market of Janpan, Korea, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Caerphilly always commits to designing the most beautiful shoes that fit girls most. This pair is of course no exception. Its extremely cute polka dot design coupled with adorable bow, making girls can not move their eyes away from it.

Caerphilly surely knows best about girls, this model is not aimed for creating a mature and sexy look or a luxurious and elegant vibe, instead, it focuses every detail on how to bring out the sweetest and cutest temperament of girls. 

Though the whole design of this pair is in a traditionally cute Japanese style, its original creative inspiration comes from the newest season of Prada wedge shoes, which has made a great sensation with its amazingly creative design. Caerphilly adds on the original model of Prada more sweet elements similar to its affiliated brand MiuMiu, plus its Tokyo design in endearing design, this perfectly cute pair of shoes comes into being.

This revamped design combined with both Western and Eastern style make sure that this model can fit any girl around the world perfectly. Its big bow design can best bring out the sweetness and gentleness of a young girl and the polka dot pattern is so chic and perky that makes the whole shoes look lively and fun. The wedge design can help build the perfect leg line for young girls who want to show their slender figure as well as make walking in them not thus hard compared with stepping on high heels. In addition, wedge shoes will not deliver the tightened-up feeling as high heels; instead, they can best show young girls’ easygoing temperament. 

This model comes in five girlish colors, playing the sweetest of girls to the fullest. The indigo color reminds people of a little creek that keeps flowing in the most perky and cheerful way. The classic pink is so girlish that entitles you to become a little princess once put on them. The sky blue color has the clearest trait that reflects best a young girl’s innocent and pure heart. The pinkish orange color may weaken a little of the total pink color with a little more lively orange, offering both sides of a young girl, who is as lively as quite. The pale golden is so elegant that you can feel instantly that you are more confident once stepping on them.

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