Thursday, July 21, 2011

Wedge Shoes Rule This Summer

Every summer, wedge shoes always rule. Everywhere you go, you will find that wedge shoes are never out of your sight. Now we present you a sneak peek into the brand wedge shoes this year, you can find a pair to make you more elegant this summer. 

Wedge shoes rule again this summer, as bell bottom pants and one-piece jumpsuits will make a sensational comeback this summer, what will match them better than Chloe wedge shoes? 

Apart from the model introduced above, Chloe wedge shoes still boast in this model with ankle straps. Compared with those above, this model is more individually designed. The ankle design fits better for those people with thin ankles. But this model is easier to match the those models above. 

Messeca wedge boots are designed with a very interesting look. With the weakened wedge shape coupled with the wooden color distinctive from boots, this pair creates a similar look with high heels. Thus the whole look of this pair is no longer that heavy, plus its bright colors, making you can not put it down. This model of Messeca wedge boots is available in both white and black colors. 

Messeca wedge boots are designed to offer the impression of high heels. Different from the one model introduced before, this pair is designed with the grid leather wrapping heels, making it easier for you to wear while creating a very individual look for the whole boots. This model is available in wedge-shaped and hollowed-out inside types for different tastes. 

Givenchy has launched this type of high heels with twining effect, Senso’s this model has the same effect, which helps make your feet look tiny and thin. But it is better not to try it if you unfortunately have puffy shanks. 

This pair of Senso wedge shoes is very endearing. Though girls with phobia to condensed patterns may have some uncomfortable reaction seeing them, the whole style is quite fresh, paired with the arc of the wedge, making this pair very comfortable to match with whether long socks or simply nothing else. 

The wedge line of this Minimaker wedge shoes fit perfectly for human’s body line. Though this model may easily cause some visual errors, its simple design makes it look comfortable and easy to match. 

Sam Edelman straw wedge shoes may resemble some design of Stella McCartney’s last seasons, but the change of leather lace makes this model quite distinctive. But the defect of the straw shoes is that they are not water proof and not easy to wash if pants are dyed, so be careful with the matched clothes when wearing them.

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