Saturday, July 30, 2011

Adidas Originals JS Bones – Inspired by Classic Animated Series the Flintstones

Recently, Jeremy Scott has been inspired by a variety of things to create new models for Adidas. Now Jeremy has also tapped into the 60s American classic animated series of the Flintstones to find the inspiration for his latest design. Based on the shape of Hardland from Adidas originals, this model is definitely wild in the primitive style with three bone-shaped lace buckle designs and the modified scarf design of the cartoon character Fred Flintstone. The Flintstones is an American classic animated series produced by Hanna-Barbera which was extremely popular back in the 60s and it was remade into a live-action film in the 90s. The story is based against a primitive background and uses very modern means of expression to display the humorous and interesting primitive way of life of the Flintstone family. The story is significant in its practical meaning to our modern life. 

The remarkable genius designer Jeremy Scott has ensured that everything out of the JS series he has designed in collaboration with Adidas Originals will definitely become the trend of hottest fashion that everyone is pursuing after with his magnificent wild style in designing. And this uniquely wild and bold style has already become the signature of Jeremy Scott through the JS series resulted from his cooperation with Adidas Originals. And you will never guess what inspiration he will get for his next design. 

The JS Bones will not only attract teenagers’ attention this time as the Adidas products always do, but also will promise a wide fan base of older people, especially those who were kids familiar with the animated series back in the 60s. The JS Bones offer them a precious opportunity to collect some childhood memories through this pair of sneakers. And the adorable bone shoe lace design will definitely make this model a great gift most girls want to buy for their boyfriends. The whole look of this model is double-sided. The lake blue and white is very quiet and low-key, plus the cute bone design, makes the shoes very attractive in an adorable way. But the leopard pattern surely adds the wild and bold style of Jeremy himself, changing the whole look entirely and making every detail of this pair of shoes come to life in a young and freshly lively way,

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