Thursday, July 28, 2011

Feel Bohemia with Caerphilly Strap Stitching Wedge Sandals

In this glamorous summer, don’t you look forward to a free trip far away from the noise of the city or the restrain of your professional dress? Put on this pair of Caerphilly strap stitching wedge sandals and go out feeling the Bohemian romance with no troubles of the metropolis.

This pair of Caerphilly strap stitching wedge sandals will bring you the double romance made by sexy leather strap design and woven wedge heels. Actually, this model of Caerphilly is base on the original design of Anna Sui, the top American luxury brand and the forerunner who brings Bohemian style into the fashion industry. It has been called by the industry as “New York Magician” with its retro color and the extravagant vibe its designs deliver as well as the stunningly beautiful colors. It is often featured with artistic prints and wedge heels of a rustic style. Caerphilly inherits the natural spirit of Anna Sui in using great amount of natural elements in its design. This model is designed in a bold and multi-layered style with floral print and woven wedge heels with rustic vibe, looking uniquely refreshing to people especially in this hot summer.

Its double exotic styles of both Bohemian and Japanese offers a great mix and match of free spirit and girlish sweetness, making you cannot help but fall in love with it. Plus, the floral prints and the woven heels both are of a very rustic style which is currently very popular in shoes. Wearing this pair outside for a walk, you will definitely be in your best mood and your highest spirit. In addition, the wedge heels are the most popular kind of sandals in this summer for it provides a most comfortable walking experience while making you look taller. 

This model is available in three colors. The blue one is truly refreshing that you may feel as if you are facing a beautiful sea and feel the cool sea wind even in the hottest summer days. The orange is so glamorously gorgeous that you seem to see the flowers on the shoes burgeoning into beautiful blossoms before your eyes. The rose color offers you the best romantic feelings and will improve much of your charm when you wear them on a date.

Come and try one pair on, you will definitely fall in love with the Bohemian free spirit it brings about.

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