Sunday, July 31, 2011

Go! Pink High Heels!

Pink is the kind of color no girl can ever resist and high heels are the kind of shoes no girl can ever turn down. So when pink meet high heels, it is already enough for girls to scream out, plus the fabulous designs from the top designers in the fashion industry, the combination will definitely make girls go crazy.

Chopard collaborates with the Italian shoe designer Giuseppe Zanotti to create together a whole line of jewelry accessories in unique and innovative design, including a pair of high heels decorated with jewelry and the matching fine jewelry earrings. 

This pair of pink satin diamond decorative shoes boasts dizzying super high heels of a 12.5 cm and 600 well-arranged pink teardrop-shaped cut diamonds in different shades that dazzle everyone’s eyes. The whole weight of the diamonds reach as much as 360 carat. 

On the ankle strap, a rose gold anklet hangs there inlaid with red tourmaline, pink corundum, diamonds and rubies. Its clever and full of fun design allows it to be taken down separately as a beautiful bracelet to wear.

In the other parts of straps on the shoes, you can always see teardrop-shaped cut diamonds decorated directly. To further the creative design to the perfection, Chopard makes a pair of charming earrings, also inlaid with the same type of teardrop-shaped cut diamonds. 

On May 19, this most precious pair of beautiful shoes of the whole world showed up before the world on charming supermodel Anja Rubik and shined out on the red carpet at the amfAR, dazzling all people’s eyes with all the shiny diamonds. In the later charity auction, this pair of gorgeous shoe was sold out at a particularly high price of €140,000. 

Over 15 years, Giuseppe Zanotti has always been one of the most famous shoe designers. “I have always loved jewelry and I myself collect much antique jewelry. I am very passionate for charity cause, so this idea of ​​cooperation with Chopard immediately attracted my attention.” Giuseppe Zanotti added, “Over the years I have been supporting all kinds of activities AmFAR holds, and the activity for this time once again inspires my brand new design and offers an opportunity for me as a dream stage to create and display the most valuable fine shoes ever for the whole world.

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