Saturday, July 30, 2011

Chuck Taylor All Star Specialty Pays Tribute to the Stars and Stripes

Converse Vagabond series has always committed to living the simple life to its very best. It advocates love for art and upholds minimum way of life and it stands against being a secular conformist. The fans of Converse Vagabond series are of the kind of people who doesn’t write dream down so as to show off to others but express the significant mysteriousness through their expressions. They keep moving and never settle because they always believe that the surprise waiting them in the next stop beats the ordinary in this moment and that is the attitude of Converse Vagabond and its supporters. They are neither cynical nor rogue, they simply keeps walking firmly on the road leading to the their dreams wearing a simple plaid shirt, a pair of worn jeans and the Chuck Taylor All Star that will accompany them all the way to their dream.

The main Chuck Taylor All Star model of this season’s Converse Vagabond is inspired by highly recognizable American Stars and Stripes. With a row if four stars of white color lying on the blue jean stripe stitched along the uppers of the shoes as well as the white and red stripes surrounding the whole shoe body, this model strikes people with an obvious impression of American signature national flag and thus pays great tribute to the stars and the stripes in its unique design. The color combination of white, red and blue is so classic that makes this pair of canvas shoes have a pretty elegant look. 

Chuck Taylor All Star seems to quietly remind you that you have not waken up from your American dream and you should keep dreaming till it is fully realized. The washed-up canvas makes the campus red and navy blue match perfectly in a more natural and soft way. This model is available in two different stripe designs – one is painted with wide stripes and the other is painted with thin stripes. The stripes use the refined line step design to create the effect of multi-layers and increase the sophistication. This Chuck Taylor All Star model is among the group of low saturation. And specially made old look on the both sides shows best the free spirit, easy-going temperament and casual attitude towards life of the Converse Vagabond and its supporters. 

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