Saturday, July 30, 2011

As Colorful as You Wish -- Marimekko X CONVERSE Fall 2011 Collection

Renowned for its various styles in print patterns, Finnish brand Marimekko started to take the market of soccer sneakers early this spring and the partner they chose to collaborate with was the brand CONVERSE we are all familiar with. In their first series out of collaboration, Marimekko has shown its advanced skills in designing patterns which is represented by a simple but yet decorative pattern in a North European style. 

Marimekko comes to find Converse for their second collaboration this time for its autumn and winter series and their cooperation presents us with most beautiful Nordic-style printing. This series is based on three classic Converse models, including Chuck Taylor All Star OX, Chuck Taylor All Star Hi and Helen. The three Converse models are all served as the carrier for the new design of abstract and figurative flowers, irregular blocks of color stitching, the classic waves and dots as well as all other patterns full of great visual elements in fabulous artistic sense. Imagine wearing one of them on the road covered with fallen leaves, how pleasant it will be! 

This model is both adorable and elegant. With the big dot design that may remind people of pattern on a cow or just simply ink stains, you can the different images behind these simple designs in different mood. No matter what meaning you find hidden in the design, one thing is for sure, a simple elegant pair of shoes like this is never outmoded because it can remind people of so many various things as long as one has imagination.

This model designed in color block stitching is very popular among young people with its colorful and perky style. The color combination offers an interesting and fun look people can never get tired of and stitching irregular blocks gives a free-spirited impression, suit very much for young people who are pursuing after their colorful and free dream. Besides, this model is available in both high Converse and low Converse, allowing an alternative choice for its potential purchasers. 

This model is of a very North European style which is elegantly simple and gracefully exquisite. The big red flower paint on the surface coupled with white toe makes this model have this refined but natural look that blossoms in the totally combatable color combination of white and red. It suits best for you to wear in the autumn to improve your mood and offer hope even in the bleakest environment.

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