Thursday, July 28, 2011

Wear Hello Kitty on Your Vans Shoes

If you are a girl, this may be good news for you. If you are a Hello Kitty girl fan, this is definitely great news for you. Vans recently launch the Hello Kitty series that every Hello Kitty fan likes to have. This series covers all classic original shoes of Vans with Hello Kitty patterns, including Old School, Slip On, SK8-HI and so on. The classic Hello Kitty pink is surely used in them; the girlish style overthrows the traditional image of Vans. If you are a Hello Kitty fan, why still wait around? Just rush to the store and take one of them home. 

Renowned for her trademark of red bow and her mouthless cute face, Hello Kitty is perhaps the most famous little kitten in this whole world. On this model, the hand-painted style coupled with patterns of kitten on her tiny bike and kitten going for shopping as well as the classic red bow, making every detail so girlish on the surface of the shoes. But thanks to the classic color combination of red and black, this model won’t be too girlish to be turned down by cool girls who like Hello Kitty but not a big pink fan. 

This classic slip-on model may be many girls’ top choice for its simple and low-key style but still very cute design with the Hello Kitty head. The pink color has been hidden inside the shoes, leaving only a line visible to people looking from outside. The whole black and white color gives a simple and elegant impression while the tiny bit of pink visible adds a little perky style in it, making you feel confident but still a little bit girlish wearing them. 

As the other model from the classic slip-on series, this pair of Vans Hello Kitty is also very popular among girls who don’t want to attract too much attention with too much pink on their shoes but still like the adorable little kitten. The instep is covered with double squares of Hello Kitty heads and her signature red bow, making a very compatible and cute look. While the slip-on part leaves out quite a blank space, allowing a distance between the front toe and heel and thus ensures people wouldn’t get dizzy over watching all the patterns covering the whole surface of the shoes, which is a very thoughtful design worth great commendation.

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