Monday, July 25, 2011

Memametoo Peep-Toe Bow High Heels Help You Find the Best Taste in This Summer

Summer is always lively with all kinds of blossom and a great variety of fresh fruit. It’s very easy to lose your own taste surrounded by all the fragrance. But if you have Memametoo’s latest peep-toe bow high heels, you can stop worrying about that because you have already found yourself the best taste in this summer.

This model can show best your individual personality with its unique design. The bow on the top is designed in a most asymmetrical style, making the shoes look individually elegant. Plus, the reflective diamonds lined around the bow makes an extremely extravagant and luxurious effect, letting you become the shiniest focus in everyone’s eyes. Every diamond including the large one decorated hanging down from the back strap are all imported from Czech, where they are cut into the most refined shape in the aid of the most advanced technology. Plus, the peep-toe design helps weaken the flashiness of the diamonds, which make the shoes have the sexy and dignified instead of frivolous vibe. Besides, the elegant and slender high heels of this model in lacquered leather gives a totally sexy impression, helping building the perfect leg line for you. And the insteps are wrapped by refined black flannel, which creates an exotic and enigmatic vibe. Coupled with the black flannel, the single bright color design and red soles make a completely gorgeous and chic combination. Every step you make while lift your feet, the lively fiery color shows up, revealing your passion and enthusiasm hidden inside your heart. 

This model is available in two very bright colors, the bright pink one and the bright yellow one. Though they are both bright colors, they surely do not seem like cute candy colors for little girls, in contrast, with the weakening effect brought by the black flannel. The bright colors can also be very mature and elegant. Whether it is pink or yellow, they both can make a classic combination of color coupled with black. The pink and yellow colors both look juicy for they remind people of fresh and delicious summer fruits. 

Whether you are going to work early in the morning or taking a relaxing walk in the park or attending a party, this pair of Memametoo peep-toe bow high heels will make a perfect choice for your perfect taste.

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