Sunday, July 24, 2011

Fan Bingbing and Designer D&G Interpret the New Version of “Peony Pavilion”

Fan Bingbing’s cover photo for Chinese top men’s magazine “men’s uno” has been formally revealed in its July issue. As the first Chinese actress on the cover, Fan Bingbing’s appearance with two world top designers Domenico Dolceand and Stefano Gabbana has become the focus of attention. This trio has interpreted in a Chinese compound a summer version of Peony Pavilion. It makes the first cooperation between D&G designers and a Chinese actress. It is also the first time for “men’s uno” to invite a first female star shoot with international designers together for its cover since its initial issue.

This photo shooting experience makes Fan really excited and she’s been looking forward to it for quite a long time. For Dolce and Gabbana, they fall in love with Chinese culture once set their foot on this land. So magazine editors try ​​their best to integrate Chinese elements into the shooting and arrange Fan and two designers for playing mahjong together. Everyone is excited about this bold attempt. Fan keeps commending this creative idea:” I cannot really play mahjong, let alone the two designers. So we may never have the chance to sit at a mahjong table together after this. 

Undoubtedly, Fan Bingbing has now become one of Chinese “It Girl”, if not the only “It Girl”. In a recent in a list made by a well-known site about famous Chinese actresses who have been on the cover of renowned magazines in the first half of 2011, Fan Bingbing, has made the top one with her 3-time appearances on first-rate magazine covers. 

Fan Bingbing has been a workaholic in the entertainment industry in recent years with constant films and dramas for her to shoot. Fan’s striving to challenge herself and to try to act in diverse roles for her audience brings out to them her new image. Earlier this year, Fan Bingbing makes several stunning appearances in Paris fashion week, which not only attract French fashion industry’s attention but also make her widely known. She has even been invited on many American fashion talk shows for many times. And her two successful consecutive appearances in the Cannes International Film Festival have earned her the special title of “Red Carpet Queen”. 

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