Friday, July 22, 2011

Floral Bow Wedges from Singapore Create You a Summer Romance

In this fragrant summer with all kinds of blossoms around, you must feel like having a summer romance in this romantic season. What can beat a pair of floral wedge sandals in exotic and romantic design to help you fulfill this dream of this flowery summer?

This model is available in three distinctive designs, among which you can definitely find the one suits yourself best.

The first pair is designed in traditional floral patterns. With its light colors and low-key style, the flowers of this pair seem so quietly sweet, making you a cute neighbor girl. And the random pattern of the floral design gives a casual impression, which helps you show your easy-going temperament and can always surprise you like a kaleidoscope with its various patterns from different perspectives. Thus, it can easily create a sweet and romantic vibe for you.

The second one may seem a little like jeans material, but if you observe closely, you will find the shapeless little flowers in the lines of the patterns as if little vague stars hidden in the daytime sky. The washed jeans exude a relaxing feeling, making you relaxed while enjoying the fresh summer air. It also has this very western look combined with eastern conservativeness, making a great contrast that brings out modern girls’ independent individuality.

The third pair is more likely in maple pattern rather than floral pattern. The colorful maple leaves help decorate a still cute but more elegant design than just traditional flowers, making this pair suit best for those new office ladies or new graduates hunting jobs. This sweet but mature look the maple leaves create can help you look more elegant and confident, helping you increase your chance of success in your business and career.

As for this model’s other designs, though they may match into a very low-key effect, actually every detail is delicately considered by the designers. Its linen-like wedges offers a simple but pure look. And the wedge design is the most popular type in summer, which can both your girls’ tiny beautiful feet and is very comfortable to wear when walking. The wedges have the same effect as high heels in building a perfect leg figure for girls but not as difficult to wear as the high heels. The beige color which is set to be its main color makes this model can go with everything you like.

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