Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Coolest Wedge Slippers Come to Your Feet’s Rescue This Summer

It is very common nowadays to see celebrities wearing slippers in their casual snapshots taken on the streets in summer. Slippers are no longer limited in homes; they can also be so chic and stylish that everyone wants to wear them outside to have people wow at them. Here we introduce to you a pair of the most fashionable slippers in this summer that definitely will make people wow when you wear them outdoors.

This type of slippers has swept the market of Japan and Korea, making fashion fanatics extremely excited for having such stylish slippers that can make them both comfortable and totally chic in them. 

The material for this model of slippers is very specially designed carbon biological plastic, which can make the total weight of the whole shoes much lighter compared with common shoes, making your walking more easily and effortlessly. Plus, the carbon biological plastic material is totally beneficial for cutting back customers’ carbon footprint and thus helps them live a greener life as well as raise more awareness of low carbon life style.

This model has been a star model that has earned its great popularity among many celebrities because of not only its fashionable simple look, but more importantly its function in keeping fit. It reasonable design in aid of new technology can effectively activate those neglected muscles when walking in them and help you exercises muscles of your whole body while you are walking. According to a market research, this pair of slippers can effectively improve customers’ standing and walking posture. They are also very beneficial in helping treat backache and other problems in back, hip, leg and feet. 

This model of slippers is designed with the skid proof soles which use the super light polyurethane material coupled with its stylish metal buckle and the most chic flannel insteps. 

This model is available in five great colors that will totally meet every girl’s demand of her own color for this summer. Elegant black is always a classic choice to show your intellectual and wise side as well as adds a tinge of mysteriousness and sexiness. Cool green is many girls’ favorite color for a refreshing summer night walk at leisure. The cappuccino color is another great choice is you want to keep a low-key but mature style. How can any girl resist the color of pink, reminding you of a melted strawberry ice-cream in this summer, both sweet and cool? The chocolate brown is never wrong to match any dresses with.

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