Friday, July 22, 2011

Melissa Launches New Plastic Jelly Flats in Collaboration with Gareth Pugh

The Brazilian brand Melissa has become the nouveau-riche in fashion industry due to the popularity of its series of jelly flats designed in co-operation with many renowned international designers. Recently, Melissa invited the representative of avant-garde designers – the fabulous Gareth Pugh to join its two new models’ launch.

One model is designed in the iconic geometric print of Gareth Pugh’s style. The geometric pattern coupled simple plastic material makes this model has a minimalist style which is totally chic in a very individual way. This model is available in six bright candy colors, which paired with its simple design, offering a refreshing feeling to people. 

The reason for flats’ popularity in recent seasons may go to the effect of them making your legs slender, but more importantly, its comfortable feeling when walking in them is the top reason for many people to choose flats. Besides, the multiple choices of a great variety of candy colors it provides make it easy for you to match dresses or jeans with it. 

Its stripe elements coupled with lively star pattern, making you clear your head and feel young and perky in a always great mood. The refreshing sea blue of this pair makes a perfect combination with the cute pattern, which can bring out the most energetic side out of you. Can you resist such adorable temptation? 

This bright red pair of jelly flats makes it the top choice for a walk in the summer air, which guarantees plenty attention from around with its eye-catching color and classic look. The vivacious vibe you deliver in this pair of flats will improve the mood of everyone around you. Besides, its chic peep-toe design is the most stylish element in current fashion, adding a bonus point to your look. 

This color-contrast type is the hottest style in this season. Blue and orange makes a very special contrast, exuding both calm temperament and perky characteristic, which create a mesmerizing effect that will definitely attract many guys’ sights.

Though the second model is still in design with only the draft revealed to public, it definitely will be another classic type, too. It is said that the designer gets his inspiration from his own fashion show in Paris. This series is expected to be on the market by the spring and summer of 2012 at $110, a price much lower than the works of Gareth Pugh’s.

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