Saturday, September 3, 2011

Candy-Colored Canvas Platform Shoes in Leisure Style

With a new school semester coming, a brand new pair of canvas cheap shoes is essential for girls. But for fashion girls who have got used to always wear high heels all throughout this summer, there is a tricky question – though canvas cheap shoes suit school life with their comfort as well as their casual style, they cannot make you look as tall as with high heels. Now we present you a model of canvas cheap shoes that will not only meet your desire of looking tall but also will meet your school requirements – the candy-colored canvas platform cheap shoes in leisure style imported from Korea. 

This pair of canvas cheap shoes is designed in platforms, which are extremely popular throughout the whole summer. In addition, these canvas cheap shoes are very practical in their convenience to wear as well as the comfort which will make you walk effortlessly. The slip-on designs on the heels make you able to put on them efficiently. The platform designs of this pair of canvas cheap shoes make sure you can stand tall as well as walk freely in complete comfort. 

These canvas cheap shoes are designed based on the typical model of canvas cheap shoes. On the platforms, there are several thin stripes lined around the shoe soles in the matching color of the whole shoe body. These thin stripes make the original canvas shoe model more funky in an extremely chic style. 

These platform canvas cheap shoes are imported from Korea, incorporating the top-quality canvas material in the shoe insteps and rubber material in the sole part of the cheap shoes, guaranteeing the quality of the whole cheap shoes and ensuring that you can wear the canvas cheap shoes for quite a long time. 

The delicate suture on the insteps makes sure that every detail of the model of canvas cheap shoes is exquisitely designed and made. And like all canvas cheap shoes, the shoelaces can be made at your demand to create different styles. 

These chic and ladylike canvas cheap shoes are available in four cute candy colors—light blue, light pink, light yellow and beige white. All four colors are adorably sweet in different ways for different girls to choose in order to match with different colored clothes. The light blue is extremely elegant and not so girlish in a casual style. The light pink is the most popular color that is well received among girls with its sweetness. And the light yellow is both funky and perky, delivering the most energetic side of you. And the white suits best the quiet and graceful girls.